Tim McGraw Almost Fist Fights Fan

Was Tim McGraw’s rescue effort staged or real? You decide.

Tim McGraw fans and media hounds alike are in heaven as this juicy morsel of video was released showing Tim yanking a concert-goer out of the crowd and kicking him out of the show. Claims are that McGraw looked down from the stage and observed a man being abusive to a woman just below him. He didn’t think security was fast enough so he began pulling the man up himself to break up the fight.

However, in watching the video I find it odd that the incident occurs and is over with in perfect time with the song. Call me a cynic but to me the entire ordeal seems more staged than Jessica Simpson’s foray into country music. Watch the video and leave your comments below.


This incident occurred on Tim McGraw’s Live Your Voice tour.

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5 Replies to “Tim McGraw Almost Fist Fights Fan”

  1. Seems ridiculously odd. First of all, who pulls security problems up on the stage instead of just dragging them along the LINE of security guards protecting the stage? If it’s real, this dude is suing Tim McGraw for ‘roughing him up’.

  2. He started singing through the middle of the song.

    It wasn’t staged.

    Stop looking for gossip and being judgmental.

  3. I don`t think this was staged. Tim is too classy a man for something like that. There is always some dummy in the crowd that has too much to drink or has a potty mouth, and the celebrities don`t have to put up with that nonsense. I love Tim McGraw and he just doesn`t have to stoop to something like that.