Tim McGraw Loses Against Curb Records

The Court Rules In Favor Of Curb Records In A Chapter Of Their Lawsuit With Tim McGraw.

As many Tim McGraw fans know, he has been in a legal battle with Curb Records for some time now. Earlier this year it was reported that McGraw had won his case because he had signed with Big Machine Records, but apparently that is not true.

McGraw and Curb Records had a contract on what was supposed to happen during their partnership and remaining 5 albums with the label. One of the major rules being that McGraw would record albums during specified periods of time. This is standard in the recording industry because it prevents artists from recording multiple albums at once, ensuring that the music is always fresh and gives a label the right amount of time to market and promote an album. Another thing that had been agreed upon was that McGraw and Curb were to decide which songs went on which albums.

According to Curb, McGraw Ignored these rules, recording almost all of the songs that went on his Emotional Traffic album before he even released his 2009 album, Southern Voice. They also say he didn’t consult with them about what songs were chosen.

There is more to the case, but as of now the court in Nashville has granted Curb Records’ request to postpone the trial until it has the opportunity to take additional evidence surrounding Big Machine Records’ signing of McGraw.

For a recap, this is what Curb believes:
-Tim McGraw is still an artist on Curb Records’ label;
-That Big Machine had no right to sign Tim McGraw until his contract with Curb Records is over;
-That the “new music” advertised by Tim McGraw and Big Machine, or that Big Machine may choose to release before the court ruling, is still owned by Curb Records;
-When the court does rule, it will agree that Tim McGraw has breached his recording agreement with Curb Records.

Finally, McGraw has stated publicly that Emotional Traffic is the best album he has ever recorded. His latest single from that album, “Right Back Atcha Babe,” has recently been released by Curb Records.

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