Trace Adkins – Cowboy’s Back In Town

Trace Adkins new album Cowboy’s Back In Town takes a spin on the CMNB Jukebox.

Trace Adkins new album “Cowboy’s Back in Town” is set to release tomorrow, but we’ve got your insider’s review of the album right here at Country Music News Blog!

Now first let me tell you there’s a few requirements to listening to this album. First, you’ll need to pick up a few cases of beer. Then, you need to call 20 or 30 of your closest friends. Next, y’all drive out to a creekbank on a hot late-summer night. Make sure one of you has a really great sound system in their truck. I think y’all can figure out the rest.

Trace’s newest work is exactly what we’ve come to expect from our favorite country giant. Playful, fun, a little sweet, and definitely the soundtrack to a great time. Take a look below as Trace talks about the album with CountryWeekly!

Fans can preview the album at CMT or order it from iTunes on my recommendation!

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