Trace Adkins Joins Film The Healer

Trace Adkins Joins Cast of Upcoming Film The Healer.

Trace Adkins is honing his acting skills once again! Adkins has officially joined the cast of the upcoming film, The Healer set to release in 2012. The story chronicles the supernatural adventure of a father and his son and daughter as their camping trip in a forest turns out to be much more than they bargained for. Adkins plays the character of “The Truck Driver” who is clearly a member of the “supernatural” side of the cast. The description of the character is a little spooky: “a transporter of souls destined to hell. His huge rig is a prison for eternity from which there is no escape.”

If you remember, Trace had a supporting role in a film released earlier this year, Lincoln Lawyer, in which he played a member of a biker gang. So, I guess these two roles share a transportation theme, but it seems to me that Adkins might be trying establish himself as a versatile actor who is willing to try out various roles.

I’m honestly curious to check this film out, and see how Trace does. What do you think? Are you a fan of Adkins’ acting?

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