Tune-In Alert: Fancy Hagood joins Elton John’s Rocket Hour This Saturday on Apple Music 1

Elton is joined by the country singer and Apple Music Country radio host Fancy Hagood. They discuss the under-represented country voices on Fancy’s ‘Trailblazers Radio’ show, his debut album ‘Southern Curiosity’, and his latest musical direction.

Tune-In Alert: Fancy Hagood joins Elton John’s Rocket Hour This Saturday on Apple Music 1

Tune in and listen to the episode in-full this Saturday (September 3rd) at 9am PST / 12pm EST / 5pm BST at apple.co/_RocketHour. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at the interview between these two icons:

Elton John and Fancy Hagood on Mickey Guyton, Brandi Carlile and more trailblazers

FANCY HAGOOD: There’s been a lot of things happening here in Nashville with different minority groups having the spotlight and getting a chance to tell their story. And I think Mickey Guyton is just such a fabulous queen. Something that has inspired me about Mickey is she’s been in this town for a long time, just like a lot of us. And she’s having this moment. And the thing that I find most inspiring about, her talent’s always been right there, but the thing that is so cool is her heart is being displayed because she’s bringing so many other artists that I’ve gotten to learn about Brittney Spencer and Madeline Edwards. So many different people I didn’t know about, different artists I didn’t know about, but because Mickey’s having this moment and she’s bringing people with her, it’s really cool. And it inspires me to want to do that within my own community, within the queer community. Kind of just be able to shine a light where maybe that hasn’t been the case before.

ELTON JOHN: Well, bravo for you for doing that, especially in a place like Nashville. But I’ve noticed over the years that Nashville music has begun to change. Brandi Carlile is a huge fan of mine. Not that she’s from Nashville. And by the way, she sends her love to you because she knew I was going to speak to you today. We need more people like her and you to make sure that we get our voices out into the open. And I can’t thank you enough for doing that. You’re just being who you are. We need people be who they are and not be afraid to it, and have people like you to encourage him. Bravo, my darling, you’re such a sweetheart.

FANCY HAGOOD: Oh thank you. I’ve learned in this industry, it’s really hard, sometimes. You get told that there’s only one seat at the table for someone like you. And it’s easy to believe that when you’re in the thick of it, but something I’ve learned is the second you believe there’s only one seat, you’ve given your seat away. And I think there’s as many seats at the table for everyone.

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