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My name is Shauna, but you probably know me better by “WhiskeyChick”. I was raised in a house of rock & roll in the heart and heat of Phoenix Arizona… FAR from the simple country life of my cohorts. You can find a live concert almost every night of the week, and even more local live bands playing within a stone’s throw from your house. At home we would have friends over playing guitar, trying their drum skillls out, singing, or whatever else struck the mood that day. Above that, we had every convenience possible, all within reach as long as we could afford it, which is a luxury I now know that I took for granted.

Life in the city wasn’t always an easy one though. We struggled with money. We were surrounded by drugs and gangs and crime. The last thing you wanted to be seen as is a “country hick” but somehow I got that reputation even though I was a city kid. While all the other kids in the suburbs were riding the hip hop train, I was getting teased for my love of Crystal Gail and Holly Dunn. As I grew up, my love of country music grew as well. I watched the evolution of mainstream Nashville as it went from Conway Twitty, Tanya Tucker and Marty Robbins to today’s pop-country crossover trend artists like Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts and the like. But through all these years one thing has become glaringly clear to me: REAL country music will never die. Artists like Reba McEntire, Ashton Shepard, Jamey Johnson, and Bocephus himself prove that there is still, and always will be a place for authentic country music on the radio airwaves!

Which brings me to today… today I site my office in Westville, Oklahoma… a long way from everything I ever knew. Recently relocated, I’ve found the transition to true country life to be a little tough, a lotta funny, and most of all… refreshing. I’m closer to all the things I’ve always loved than I ever was before. Closer to my family. Closer to a peaceful life. And yes, even closer to the heart of country music.

On a personal note, I want to thank every one of our readers that visit CMNB as it truly is a labor of my love, and a passion in my life. I cannot count the ways that running this site has impacted my life in rewarding and entertaining ways every single day.

You can email me at whiskeychick@drunkenhillbilly.com or follow me on Twitter!
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