Why I’m No Longer Covering News About the Country Music Act Formerly Known as Lady Antebellum – Op-Ed

In early 2020, at the height of police brutality and BLM protests, the country music band Lady Antebellum sparked controversy when they decided to change their name to Lady A.

The Real Lady A - Anita White

Their aim was to distance themselves from the racial connotations associated with the term “Antebellum” and present a more inclusive image. This was one of many moves in the country music world to remove outdated and racially-connotative terms from the predominately white genre.

However, their subsequent actions and the way they handled the situation exhibited so much hypocrisy and ignorance that has led me to make a decision. I have chosen to no longer cover news about this country music act or its members on any of the outlets I write for. I waited a solid year after their “undisclosed settlement” to see how the situation unfolded, but now my stance is firm.

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