Willie Nelson — Naked Willie CD Review

Willie Nelson strips down and bares all in this reproduction of classic Nashville heritage found on Naked Willie

Long before becoming The Redheaded Stranger, Willie Nelson was part of the classic Nashville  music machine. In the fashion of country music at the time, Willie’s unique voice and captivating songs were often drowned with orchestration and cheesy back-up singing which took away from the value of his music. It wasn’t long before Willie broke away from the artistic suffocation and became one of the first to fall under the “country music outlaw” flag.

In “Naked Willie” you will find 17 of Willie Nelson’s songs, originally recorded between 1966 and 1970, completely stipped down and remastered to remove all the superfluous noise and showcase just the true music hiding underneath.  The album is far from displaying the raw simplicity of Willie’s voice, but definitely highlights his songwriting and his ability to insert true emotion into his performances. This is definitely a good starter album for new Willie Nelson fans, and a refresher course for those who have forgotten what country singers sound like amidst all the pop stars that currently label themselves “country”.

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