Sugarland Launches New Website

Sugarland launches a brand new website and wants YOU to join!

SugarlandSugarland is getting in touch with their fans after a complete overhaul of the official Sugarland website. The new site now features more detailed tour information, photos and interactive options as well as a full-blown community! To celebrate the new site, and the launch of to 2009 Sugarland concert tour, Jennifer and Kristian are holding a “Key To Sugarland” contest! For more information, visit their site today!

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4 Replies to “Sugarland Launches New Website”

  1. Regarding Sugarland canceling in SF AGAIN last night…..NEVER AGAIN SUGARLAND!!!
    If they cannot make their concert commitments, they should stop going on tour. The notice at the gate said it was because Jennifer Nettles lost her voice in the recording studio, but then heard she had been singing with Keith Urban the night before……What gives? This was my mothers day gift from my children……thank God for Kenny Chesney…..the 100 miles we drove was worth it for him!!!! I won’t drive 1 mile for Sugarland. 3rd time my daughter has gone to see them and they have canceled. Diva perhaps??? I think so.

  2. Hey, my husband and I are disagreeing about the song “Baby Girl.” Did she finally make at the end of the song and can now send her dad money or is she still just dreaming about making it and asking for money again? Thanks

  3. its been a long time since i seen you in nyc and would like to know if there is a plan to make it here. sorry can’t afford to go else where to see you retirement and on a fixed budget , so let me know if or when you will be in this area thanks fred moggo

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