Ronnie Dunn Cost Of Living Video

>Ronnie Dunn Releases The Second Video Of His Solo Career!

Ronnie Dunn has “done” it again! His second single “Cost Of Living” is getting tons of airtime and now has an incredible video to go with it. In it, we are introduced to a few people from a Tennessee town with a recently shut down tire plant. It’s a sad, but true story that a lot of Americans are and have been dealing with for a while. With the “Cost Of Living” constantly going up, many are struggling to keep their jobs and others are finding it even more difficult to find one in the first place. The lyrics of this song tell the reality of a man eagerly trying to get hired on a construction crew, I know many companies who would love to have teams full of reliable men like this. I love this song and strongly encourage those of you who haven’t heard it to take a little look!

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12 Replies to “Ronnie Dunn Cost Of Living Video”

  1. Athought our plant is still running, this same company has really done a lot of its senior employees wrong. It seems loyality means nothing to them anymore.

  2. I am 16 years old and im listening to this song, why do i feel so guilty? first thing i think of is my family, because my family use to be in this mess. I dont know what to do or say. im just stuck in my life, everyday i go to school, i feel sad and depressed. I dont know why but i am.

  3. This is a very powerful song. The first time I heard it, it reminded me of the Depression-era song of so long ago. Times these days are very similar to the struggles people faced 70-something years ago. I just pray that we see good times again soon.

  4. First time I heard this song I was on my way to an interview praying to the good lord above that I would say and do all the right things to get the job…just about begging with no pride at all. My truck is a 1997 almost 300,000 miles on her and I have two degrees single mom and three kids and one of them in the Navy. I couldnt get a job. This song was right on the money even now that the good Lord has blessed me with a job it still brings tears and reminds me where I was last week. Good luck to you all and Im praying for each and every one of you!

  5. Wow. After 11 years the army locked my MOS from being able to reenlist. Now 3 months later and 8 jobs I can’t even provide for my family. If congress and the house would step down from their high horses and look at the USA. They need to start fixin things soon. I didn’t think a song could be so true… tells my story so well its scary. Wake up america, I know I’m not the only one…

  6. while this may be a great song, and while a songwriter’s songs should be relatable, what i find absolutely disgusting about this song is that he’s capitalizing on the downtroddeness of so many americans. he doesn’t have a clue about what it’s like to truly relate to these lyrics, yet he’s making a fortune off of our distress… absolutely and positively disgusting… imho, right up there with the wall street crooks.

  7. Singersingwriter.. If you knew anything about the song it was written by a man that came from the plan that was closed down. I live in Middle tennessee.. Not far off from where the plant in that video is at. I have seen so many plants close out here it is truely sad. The writer of that song wanted his message to get out to people and Ronnie Dunn stepped up to help him with that. So in a way he provided someone a source of income that they greatly needed. You shouldn’t say things about something if you don’t know the whole situation. It took me over a year to find a job, had it not been by the miracle of God I would not have been able to provide my 3 young sons with a home this winter, or even a single gift under the tree.

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