2012 CMA Awards Live Recap

MissMolly’s Run Down of the 2012 CMA Awards Live!

Like most country music fans, I typically snuggle up to my couch to watch the CMA Awards! Well, this year, I had the chance to get up close and personal with the 2012 CMA Awards and experience the show live from the Bridgestone Arena. I had a really great seat with a really great view (I wasn’t close enough to touch anyone, but there’s always next year!!), and I gotta tell you that the television just doesn’t do this amazing show justice! I’ve heard a lot of reports via Twitter and Facebook from other country music fans expressing disappointment in sound quality and the performances. I’m super bummed to hear those sorts of things because it was a terrific live show! So, I want to give y’all a peak into the live experience and share with you my top moments from the night that probably didn’t translate or maybe weren’t shown at all!

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MissMolly’s 2012 CMA Awards Live Top Moments!

1. Feel the Heat!

Zac Brown tweeted it and I totally agree, but we don’t think that the badassery of the Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Eric Church opening performance was fully expressed through the television screen. Seriously, when those flames went up on the back of the stage, I could feel the heat, and honestly, it startled me a bit. Jason, Luke, and Eric are a phenomenal combo, and I have a whole new appreciation for that song now (“The Only Way I Know” off his Night Train album).

2. Miranda Lambert’s Performance.

As you probably know, Miranda won Female Vocalist of the Year, and she really proved her worth in her performance last night. It what was one of the best outfits of the night, she was some kind of spitfire on stage! Running around, jumping, dancing, she was full of energy, and that energy could be felt in the crowd. I’ve seen Lambert perform live before, and there really is just something about her, and last night, she was on the top of her game and more!

3. Reba McEntire’s Yesteryear CMA Performance Clip.

Now this is one thing I know for sure that television audiences don’t have the chance to enjoy, but during the commercial breaks clips from CMA Awards performances from the 80’s and 90’s (and I think a couple from the 70’s?) would play! The absolute best moment was when they showed a clip of Reba. During the commercial breaks the audience would typically get up and mill about, but when this clip was playing everyone was watching and clapping and cheering! It was made even more special considering that Reba was in the room with us sitting on the front row!!

4. The Acceptance Speeches!

I didn’t realize until last night just how tight knit the country music community really is! There is such a camaraderie and genuine respect and appreciation between all the artists that’s makes the awards show less about competition and more about celebrating country music! During the commercial breaks all the artists were up out of their seats, chatting with one another, laughing and clearly having an awesome time! I know you could hear it in the acceptance speeches how much they appreciate each other, and I can tell you that they were seriously having a great time last night…just lovin’ country music!

5. Willie Nelson.

I have been trying to see Willie Nelson perform live for the longest time, but every time I get close, something goes awry! So, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was to be in the same room with him, and for it to be during that crazy, awesome tribute! Willie is such a humble person which, in my opinion, makes his talent even more special. The energy in the room during that tribute and Nelson accepting his award was palpable and I will never forget it!

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