ABCs Nashville Episode Eval: Ep.2

MissMolly’s Episode Eval for the Second Installment of ABC’s Nashville (Spoilers Below).

The second episode of ABC‘s Nashville aired last week, and the drama, music, and intrigue continued! The plot continued from episode 1, and we know more about Rayna and Deacon’s complicated romantic past, that Teddy isn’t quite the boyscout he appeared to be, there might be a little more to Juliette Barnes than we originally thought and that things are gonna keep heating up on this show!! At the end of the night though, I was left with two burning questions.

Who will Deacon choose?

It’s clear that Rayna and Deacon have a steamy and intimate past, but at the present she’s married to Teddy and has a family. Meanwhile, Juliette is swooping in like a hawk trying to nab him up for herself. I’m thinking that this is going to be the major storyline for the series, and will force Rayna and Juliette to keep colliding and maybe develop some kind of professional relationship in the process. What I’m really wondering is will Deacon throw caution to the wind and outright pursue Rayna? Or will he take a sure thing and settle in with Juliette. I’m still not sure, but I’m half hoping for both options.

What did Teddy do that got him so much trouble?

Teddy’s storyline isn’t really the most exciting one, but the show’s writers are doing a good job of keeping us interested. I want to know how much money he lost, who he screwed over, and what’s going to happen with him! My prediction is that something will come out of the woodwork, and Lamar will use it to manipulate him further. This will then give Rayna some leverage to justify her conscious about her relationship with Deacon and push them closer together!

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