ACM’s Girls’ Night Out on CBS

Top Female Country Artists to Preform on ACM Girls’ Night Out!

Top female country artists give a not to be missed show on CBS Friday, April 22nd at 9 PM ET/PT, 7 Central! ACM’s Girls’ Night Out: Superstar Women of Country will feature Jennifer Nettles, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood and The Judds. The ladies will be joined by special guests that will take this show above and beyond. Ronnie Dunn will join Jennifer Nettles, the soon to be married Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert will share the stage, Rascal Flatts rocks with Reba, Little Big Town and Martina McBride collaborate, Vince Gill and Carrie Underwood light up the stage, and the rock legend John Fogerty will join The Judds. Miranda Lambert will also introduce her upcoming female group Pistol Annie.

Each woman will be honored for an achievement from their career. An additional honoree will be the great Loretta Lynn recognizing her 50-year career.

Be sure to tune in, this is something you won’t want to miss!

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21 Replies to “ACM’s Girls’ Night Out on CBS”

  1. Who cares about Miranda! Stop shoving her in our faces! She will never be as big and popular as Carrie. Who’s worst year trumps Miranada’s best year. She keeps getting all of these nominations and more for singing to 2000 people in 2010 vs Carrie’s 1 million plus.

  2. It’s no doubt the ACM Girls’ Night Out will be a wonderful presentation. I only wish some Christian-thinking person had scheduled it for ANY time other than Good Friday… this being the holiest day on the Christian calendar and better suited to some good country gospel.

  3. Why wasn’t the queen of country music, Dolly Parton on the show? She is the highest grossing singer/songwriter in American history!!

  4. PEOPLE! We pretty much suck – so sad reading each comment. Every message is bitching & complaining: Why not her? Why highlight her so much? Where is she? Who cares about her? OMG, it’s Good Friday, why on this day….etc!!!!

    How about the following instead of Negative litney and comments that add nothing but a waste of space ~” Outstanding line-up! This is the Best of the Best! A GREAT representation of our country and the backbone of County Music!” Don’t ya think these people deserve just that? Next time you want to ‘share a comment’ ~ make sure it ‘adds value’ or please just keep it to yourself!!!! Think about it! Aren’t ya tired of hearing negative/distructive thoughts? I am. Grab a pair and move on from the stupitity such as: “Honey, you really look great tonight — pause — for a change!” Geezzzzeee!

  5. why was Dolly Parton, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood & LeAnn Rimes snubbed. Taylor Swift is young & although sucessful, she is a country/pop singer like Carrie Underwood, who blew me away. I don’t think despite all their success & record sales, that Carrie & Taylor have paid their dues. I would’ve loved to see Faith Hill be honored.

  6. I really enjoyed Girls Night Out, it is nice to recognize the woman of Country Music. My favorite performance was Carrie Underwood, Wow did she sing the pants off of How Great Thou Art, Absolutely awesome!! Then they closed the show with the woman who were recognized, they sang Cold Miners Daughter. WHY wasn’t Carrie Underwood allowed to sing a verse?? She only sang chorus but all the other woman sang several verses. That was a REAL slap to Carrie and to all of her fans, I was very disappointed.

  7. First of all, GO REBA!!! Second, Carrie did not sing a verse in “Coal Miners Daughter” because she just sang the pants off “How Great Thou Art”! All these women deserve the recognition they got, they are all incredibly amazing! Don’t worry, Taylor will be up there one day!

  8. This was my first post, so I’d like to give a thanks to everyone who read and commented on it! Keep those opinions comin’ =)

  9. Without a doubt Trisha Yearwood and Faith Hill should have been in the mix! Even Shania Twain, but she is going through some hard times so I understand. MY QUESTION IS were they at least invited? If they couldn’t make it that’s one thing, but please tell me they were asked to be there! because they belonged there!

  10. Will there be a DVD of this fantastic program released??

    If so, when will it happen?

  11. i have a comment for carrie underwood about her first some hearts whenever you remeber and her song good girl i want her too sing it to me from last year we mate