Ashton Shepherd “I’m Just A Woman” Video

>Ashton Shepherd Shares Special Mother’s Day Video.

Ashton Shepherd is offering a special acoustic version of “I’m Just A Woman” to honor Mother’s Day. It is clearly a song for women, taking a perspective on the challenges in life that are particularly unique to them. Ashton especially has insight into this perspective as she is a mother herself with a 5-year old son and her second child due in September! (Congrats, Ashton!).
“I wrote that one by myself. I opened my diary, and I got to an entry where I was writing about feeling kind of bad, empty and sad. Right after that, I’d written, ‘Well, I guess I’m just being a woman.’ When I read that, I underlined it…The song doesn’t bash the man. It’s kind of saying, ‘Buddy, I understand you pretty much 99 percent of the time. I need you to understand me, too, sometimes because I know I can be hard to deal with…I think it gives women a lot of credit. I think about our mommas…I feel like I’ve written an anthem for them.” -Ashton Shepherd
I’m Just A Woman” is featured on Ashton’s upcoming album, Where Country Grows, set to release July 12th.

You can check out this special video here.

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