Ashton Shepherd VIP Release Party

Ashton Shepherd VIP Release Party With Eventful!

Ashton Shepherd is preparing to release her sophomore album Where Country Grows, but there is an exciting twist. Many of you know the online company “Eventful” and for those of you who don’t…Eventful, Inc. is a leading digital media company connecting over 20 million entertainment consumers with live music and local events. Eventful has a tab on their website called “Demand it!”, there are multiple events to look through and demand in your area, everything from movies, concerts (country-rap-classical-etc.), comedians, famous speakers, basically anything you can think of. Together, Ashton Shepherd and Eventful, are having a VIP release concert/party for Where Country Grows. The city with the most demands will get the honor and bragging rights of hosting this country star.

“I’m excited to be giving my fans the chance to help me celebrate the release of Where Country Grows”, said Shepherd. “Eventful’s Demand it! platform allows me to establish an intimate connection with my audience by giving them the opportunity to influence the outcome of something that has a lot of personal meaning to me.”

There are two weeks left in this campaign, to vote click here. At the moment Frankfort, KY is in the lead with 328 people, but the competition has cities all over the country vying for the win. New York, Pittsburgh, Seattle, San Diego, Little Rock, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Tuscaloosa are just a few on the list and with the ballot closing June 30, I’d say anywhere has a good shot! To better your chances get on facebook, twitter, the phone, or send a letter, just get the word out!

Shepherd currently has a single, “Look It Up“, sitting in the Top 20 on the Billboard country charts. When she sings you instantly know it is her, she has this twang that is unmistakable. Her single “Takin’ Off This Pain” from her first album, Sounds So Good, showed us what the artist is all about. “I’ve got a cold beer in my right hand, in my left I got my weddin’ band” was a fast anthem for woman who were over the “BS” everywhere. The Wall Street Journal has called her “a potential Loretta Lynn for a new generation” and we agree! So if you want a once in a lifetime chance to see here do her thing then go vote!

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