Brad Paisley Honors Memory of Fan

Brad Paisley Attends Memorial Service In Honor of Fan

Brad Paisley attended the memorial service of Allison Greene, 31, who recently passed away after a battle with cancer. Greene, a wife and mother, had told friends as soon as she was well again, she would throw a celebration with Brad Paisley as entertainment. Greene’s family extended the invitation to Paisley via post on Facebook to attend the memorial service to help honor Greene’s memory.

“When I was watching the video, through the video, it brought me to tears, and I thought, ‘Man, if I could just be there’. So they said, ‘Will you be there, Brad, Monday the 7th in Orange County?’ and I thought, yeah. I am going to be there.” -Brad Paisley

Paisley sang several songs including, “Celebrity“, “She’s Everything“, and “Then“.

Paisley’s attendance at the memorial service demonstrates his compassion and approachability as a performer. Also, this serves to bring attention to the beauty of Allison Greene’s life and her strength and hope.


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4 Replies to “Brad Paisley Honors Memory of Fan”

  1. What a wonderful human being. I’m a huge country music fan. Im always amazed by there trueness and acts of giving. Thank you for being your true self!

  2. Brad you are one trully amazing guy, May God continue to Bless You and Your’s, you are one trully remarkable person, you can’t know just how much this must have meant to her family, and I do Believe “She” knows you were there too, and oh she’s so happy, you are so wonderful, I can’t say enough things to totally exspress just how much it means to know theres still folks like ‘YOU” around who really do care and its not at all about money or publicity but the real deal, and you Brad are most assuredly the “Real Deal”!!xo