Jason Aldean Hats and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Contract

WC’s feathers are ruffled – Find out what it is about Jason Aldean and Gwyneth Paltrow that have her so upset!

So it’s not often that something in the country music world riles me up to the point of creating a special post about it, but this week I’ve managed to find a few side-stabbers that just have me in a sour mood. I’m sure the rest of my readers will probably strongly disagree with my frustrations, but I as with most opinions, I just have to get this off my chest!

First off, Jason Aldean now has his own line of cowboy hats. These hats arrive to the buyer with the sweatstains carefully airbrushed on, the brim factory-curled up, and in some cases even the straw is slightly disheveled to show what looks like years of wear and tear from a real cowboy lifestyle. I think that’s bullshit. That tan line on the brim of your hat comes from years of dirt and sweat and working in ways that America can’t run without. There are some women out there who judge how hard a man works by the creases in his hands and the condition of that essential piece of western wear. To think that young men across the nation would be wearing this falsified trophy of grit is downright annoying, and that a man from a country background supports it is offensive.

And speaking of offensive, Gwyneth Paltrow has now signed a record deal with Atlantic Records, valued at almost 1 Million Dollars. Now either she REALLY impressed record execs with sales of the soundtrack singles from Country Strong, or someone just got a case of the “we’ll try anythings” trying to save their job at Atlantic. Granted, Gwyneth did a fine job of portraying Kelly Cantor, the struggling country star in the movie, but she belongs in country music the same way Matt Damon belongs in the C.I.A.! Just because you play a role in a movie, does not mean you are automatically entitled to live out that role in real life. There are literally MILLIONS of young singers out there who have more vocal talent and stage presence in their pinky fingers than Miss Paltrow has in her entire Glee-promoted awkward little body!

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