Carrie Underwood Featured On ABC’s GCB

Soundtrack for ABC’s Show, GCB, Features Country Hits!

One of ABC‘s newest show, GCB (originally titled Good Christian B*tches…then Good Christian Belles…now everyone just says GCB…) has one heck of a soundtrack, and it mostly features country hits (we heard Luke BryanMiranda Lambert and more just in the pilot episode)!

One of the show’s stars, Kristin Chenoweth (you might have seen her on Glee or maybe broadway!) took on Carrie Underwood‘s hit “Jesus Take The Wheel“, and knocked it out of the ballpark! It was so good that viewers couldn’t stop talkin’ about it, and Warner Music Nashville made it available on iTunes. Now, each week one song will available on iTunes from the show, and the complete soundtrack will be available May 8th.

I really hope this means that we’re going to be hearing Chenoweth versions of country songs we already love. I mean, if Glee can do it, GCB can too, right?

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