Lady Antebellum Owns The Night With Indiana Highschool

Lady Antebellum Contest Brings Out The Best In Students!

In the recent contest organized by Lady Antebellum and their management folks, students across the US were invited to submit videos sharing why Lady A should come “Own The Night” for their school’s prom. The winning school, Henryville High School in Indiana didn’t win on their own, but got a little help from neighboring school SCHS.

The SCHS mass media students who submitted the video used their efforts to advocate why Henryville High deserved to win over all others! The Indiana High School area was one of the regions impacted by the March 2nd resulting in wide spread damage and some casualties, and these thoughtful students suggested winning the contest would bring a little happiness into their lives.

It really doesn’t take that much to make me tear up, but honestly, this is incredibly thoughtful and really showcases some students willingness to support others over themselves! Congrats to Henryville on their win, and congrats to the students who were willing to help out some neighbors in need! Watch the videos below!

Lady A, Own The Night Announcement Video!


SCHS Advocates for Neighboring School, HHS!


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