Carrie Underwood To Sing Two Black Cadillacs at American Music Awards

Carrie Underwood Debuts New Single “Two Black Cadillacs” at 2012 American Music Awards!

On Sunday night, Carrie Underwood will be representing for country music at the 2012 American Music Awards when she debuts her new single, “Two Black Cadillacs“, in what no doubt be a powerfull and stellar performance! The single will start getting airplay on country radio on November 26th. Catch the American Music Awards Sunday, November 18th at 8/7pm central on ABC.

Two Black Cadillacs” is featured on Carrie’s most recent album, Blown Away, which debuted in May. Maybe its just me, but the songs she’s released so far (“Blown Away“, “Good Girl“) seem to be a little darker than her previous single. She has other songs about cheating and hardship, sure, but these seem to have more edge. Maybe its something in the instrumentals? Whatever it is, I love it!

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