Jason Aldean Opens Up About Marriage, Career and More

Jason Aldean Shares A Look Behind the Scenes of Touring, His Career and His Recent Scandal.

After everything that happened once TMZ linked photos of Jason Aldean in the arms of another woman at an LA hot spot, Aldean and his team issued an quick apology statement but haven’t said much else since. In the meantime, he did make a very, very big announcement, the details about his 2013 Night Train Tour, and fans are ecstatic! Aldean is typically not the most chatty dude in the world, especially about personal matters. So, the video below is a rare and candid look at what’s up with the man under that big ole cowboy hat!

In the interview he makes what I think is a really fair point, that his indiscretion really a private matter, and that unfortunately, he and his wife did not have the opportunity to deal with it as such. Take a listen to the full interview below, and tell us what you reaction is in the comment section below!

Jason Aldean CBS News Interview, Opens About Marriage, Career and More.

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