Carters Chord Sh*t Country Singers Say

Carter Chords Jumps On The Bandwagon with “Sh*t Country Singers Say”.

It really was only a matter of time before someone…anyone in the country music community jumped on the “Sh*t _______ Say” bandwagon. I suppose I am just a little surprised it took quite this long. By now this particular bandwagon is a little broken down…maybe missing a wheel or two, but it just keeps on hobbling down its YouTube road. You have probably seen one of the twenty million spin-offs of this particular trend, and if you haven’t, welcome to one of the Internet’s deepest, darkest black holes.

This video comes from the all girl trio Carter’s Chord, and is their own humorous ode to other country music singers and songwriters. Please note: they are careful to include themselves in the camp being poked fun at. So, they’re laughing with everyone not at them.

Take a look below. Can you catch the references? Do you think it’s funny?

Carter’s Chord “Sh*t Country Singers/Songwriters Say


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