Carter’s Chord’s Love A Little Bigger

Carter’s Chord’s Music Video For, “Love A Little Bigger,” Will Premiere On Vevo April 16 Show Dog-Universal Music sister group, Charter’s Chord’s (Becky Robertson, Emily Fortney, Joanna Ott) video for “Love A Little Bigger” will premiere world wide on VEVO April 16. The group recently took a trip to the Dominican Republic to shoot the video in conjunction with international humanitarian organization, World Vision. The song, written by Emily, was inspired by a trip the girls took to Guatemala where they experienced first-hand the poverty people in that area were living in. “When we made the trip to Guatemala in 2009, we were struck by the amazing need for love that exists in this world. After returning home, I sat down one afternoon and wrote this song. As artists, our hope for the world is that we all learn to ‘Love A Little Bigger.’” -Emily Fortney The video, shot by award-winning director, Chris Hicky was filmed in areas where World Vision is working to provide education resources, training and assistance to help the local people build better lives and featured some children who are sponsored through the organization. While on the trip, the group was able to meet the child they sponsor in the Dominican Republic, as well as their families. “It was really important for us to shoot a music video for this song because we wanted to show the beauty and vibrancy of these children and their communities. This is a song about hope, perseverance and love.” -Becky Robertson “We want people to feel a sense of joy when they watch this video. Ultimately, we would love to get as many children sponsored as possible and if this video inspires people to get involved with World Vision, then we’ve done our job. Hopefully people will take away a desire to look at their own lives and see what areas they could be loving a little bigger.” -Joanna Ott Here is a behind the scenes video of their experience in the Dominican Republic!

Carters Chord Sh*t Country Singers Say

Carter Chords Jumps On The Bandwagon with “Sh*t Country Singers Say”. It really was only a matter of time before someone…anyone in the country music community jumped on the “Sh*t _______ Say” bandwagon. I suppose I am just a little surprised it took quite this long. By now this particular bandwagon is a little broken down…maybe missing a wheel or two, but it just keeps on hobbling down its YouTube road. You have probably seen one of the twenty million spin-offs of this particular trend, and if you haven’t, welcome to one of the Internet’s deepest, darkest black holes. This video comes from the all girl trio Carter’s Chord, and is their own humorous ode to other country music singers and songwriters. Please note: they are careful to include themselves in the camp being poked fun at. So, they’re laughing with everyone not at them. Take a look below. Can you catch the references? Do you think it’s funny? Carter’s Chord “Sh*t Country Singers/Songwriters Say“ [youtube:]

Carter’s Chord Finish New EP

Carter’s Chord Set To Release New EP! Carter’s Chord has been hard at work writing and recording and the fruits of their labor, a six song EP titled Wild Together, is set to release in a few weeks on Tuesday, May 24th. Carter’s Chord, made up of sisters Becky, Emily and Joanna Robertson, has deep roots in country music and pulls influences from some of the greats. Indeed the girl’s parents, Carter and Barney Robertson, toured and recorded with Waylon Jennings during the Outlaw movement. “There’s some real attitude on this recording. When you grow up with parents who were a part of the Outlaw movement, you really can’t help that.” -Becky Along with the attitude there is also an emphasis on harmony, as can be expected from a trio of sisters. While building on the influence of others and their environment, hailing from California and Nashville, the girls also try to bring in their own voices and individuality. “ We really wanted this music to be a better reflection of who we are as recording artists. We spent a lot of time focusing on the writing part, and in creating the kind of sound that best represents us.” -Emily Keep an ear out for Wild Together from Carter’s Chord next month!