Jessica Rae “24 Hour Church (In Memphis)” Video

Newcomer, Jessica Rae Releases Video for “24 Hour Church (In Memphis)”. Jessica Rae‘s single, “24 Hour Church (In Memphis)” speaks to finding hope and help even after hitting rock bottom. This song has kind of a 90’s country feel to it, and its a pretty uplifting song, definitely worth a listen! Rae is a Chicago native and full of talent from singing and songwriting to being an accomplished musician (including violin but you’ll see her playin’ guitar in the video!). She’s not exactly new to the scene with two EP releases in 2008 (2008 Sessions) and 2009 (Ruby Red), but this tune comes from her first full self-titled album which released last year. I for one would like to hear more from Jessica! Watch the video below and see if you agree! Watch Jessic Rae, “24 Hour Church (In Memphis)”. [youtube:]