Bellamy Brothers New Gospel Album

The Bellamy Brothers Are Ready To Release, Pray For Me, Their Latest Gospel Album After sparking much controversy and support with their first Gospel album, respected multi-platinum selling Country music duo and Dove Award nominees The Bellamy Brothers will soon release their second Gospel composition. Pray For Me, set for a late summer release, features 14 original Gospel songs with heartfelt, inspirational messages and is one of more than 50 albums released by Howard and David Bellamy. The album will be released on September 4 and is available for pre-order today on iTunes. The group’s first Gospel album, Jesus Is Coming (And Boy Is He Pissed), sparked much controversy with the title track but was later nominated for two Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association and received rave reviews from critics. The success of this album, along with their history of singing Christian music from an early age, pushed the duo to create their second Gospel album. “We decided to record our second Gospel album because Gospel and Christian music is one of our favorite genres. We also received such a great reaction from our Jesus Is Coming album we did a few years ago, it seemed like a natural progression from that album to the new one.” -David Bellamy “Creating this new album was a labor of love for us, and an element we hope we can always add to our variety of projects,” -Howard Bellamy. The duo is more widely known for their success in Country music, although they’ve gained respect in the Gospel and Pop genres as well. The Bellamy Brothers have received numerous No. 1 hits on both the Pop and Country charts. Their hit “Let Your Love Flow” received the distinguished BMI Five Million Performance Award in 2009, and broke into the UK Top 20 Country charts again—34 years after its release. The hit was also featured in a UK television commercial and on the critically acclaimed AMC television series “Breaking Bad.” Pray For Me Track Listing: 1. Jesus Ain’t No Stained Glass Window 2. Pray For Me 3. Holy Roller 4. Spirit In The Sky 5. Suppertime 6. God Ain’t Finished With Me Yet 7. Hypocrites In Heaven 8. Hymn To Him 9. The Spanish Bible 10. Number Of Breaths 11. New Man In The Suit 12. Rodeo For Jesus 13. Guardian Angel 14. Hand Me My Bible

Bellamy Brothers Become Texas Rangers

The Bellamy Brothers Are Now Honorary Texas Rangers. So kids love playing at cowboys and cops and what not, and later on some of those kids actually become sheriffs or police officers or soldiers. Other kids though, grow up to be other things like, I don’t know, country music singers. Well, that is obviously the route The Bellamy Brothers took, but it looks like they get to have it both ways now! The duo has been granted honorary membership into the Former Texas Ranger Foundation that is comprised of retired Texas Rangers. The two have been given official badges, pins and plaques! They first crossed paths with the organization at the foundation’s Silver Star Gala in 2011, and I guess they made an impression. That’s just not something the average person can claim…so kudos to them. They’ve officially fulfilled two very common childhood dreams. While You’re Here…Check Out This Old School Video of “Satin Sheets”! []

Bellamy Brothers New Single

The Bellamy Brothers team up with the Bacon Brothers for “Guilty of the Crime” Filmed in a Memphis prison, the Bellamy Brothers confess they are “Guilty of the Crime”. If that crime is classic country music with a modern twist, then I’d have to agree. With the help of The Bacon Brothers, and a special appearance from tv’s charmed and charming one, Shannon Doherty, the video for this first single is sure to turn heads. The video is the first sign of the Bellamy Brothers’ new anthology which releases digitally on August 1st, then in nationwide retail outlets September 29th.Country Music Photo Gallery