The Lone Bellow’s New Album, Half Moon Light, Out Now!

The Lone Bellow’s new album HALF MOON LIGHT is out today. Produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner, HALF MOON LIGHT is the band’s fourth studio album and first new one since 2017. HALF MOON LIGHT is an artistic triumph worked toward for years, earned not by individual posturing, but by collective determination and natural growth. Recorded at Dessner’s Long Pond Studio in Upper Hudson Valley, NY and featuring guitarist Josh Kaufman and drummer J.T. Baites, the album finds The Lone Bellow pushing their acoustic storytelling prowess past new horizons, experimenting with textures and instrumentation to create their most sophisticated work to date.

The Lone Bellow In Memphis, TN: Show Review

The Lone Bellow: Cry, Dance, Smile and Shout…Live From Memphis, TN! I’ve been listening to The Lone Bellow for quite a few months now. “You Never Need Nobody” is one of those songs I sing in my car on every commute home. A unique blend of country, folk and gospel, the trio’s heartfelt melodies pull you in and simply won’t leave you alone. If I had to describe this band in one word, it would be “emotional.” It’s rare to come across music that triggers such a wide range of feelings. Every song on their self-titled, debut album makes you want to cry as hard as you can, dance as much as you can, smile as big as you can and shout as loud as you can – all at the same time. I was blessed with the opportunity to see trio, made up of lead singer Zach Williams, guitarist Brian Elmquist and mandolin player Kanene Pipkin, in an intimate setting at 1884 Lounge in Memphis, Tennessee. Elmquist and Pipkin, also vocalists, harmonize with Williams in a way that makes you wonder how three people who are so musically compatible managed to find one another. My favorite concerts have always been the kind where you can literally reach out and touch the artist. This was one of those concerts. There were moments when I closed my eyes and forgot where I was. There were moments of dancing and there were moments of tears. I guess you could say I was all kinds of emotional, and I wasn’t the only one. Aside from their stunning execution, my favorite thing about The Lone Bellow’s performance was that you could feel the raw emotion radiating from their vocal chords and fingertips. What’s more, after the show, the band was much obliged to chat with their fans, sign autographs and take photos. They were approachable and relatable. It’s quite apparent that they love what they do and appreciate those who feel the same way. If you haven’t heard The Lone Bellow, please do yourself a favor and do so – right now. I guarantee you will be crying, dancing, smiling and shouting before you know it. Brittany is a guest contributor! Find her on Facebook at or Twitter, @BrittanyBigfish.