The Marshall Tucker Band At Vice Presidential Debate

The Marshall Tucker Band Will Perform At The 2012 Vice Presidential Debate Tonight, The Marshall Tucker Band will perform at the Vice Presidential Debate. “It’s a serious thing, being part of the debate. We are very excited to perform and would like to invite Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan to join us onstage to help us sing ‘Can’t You See!’” -Doug Gray, lead singer and founding member The band will perform immediatley after Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan face-off at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The performance is scheduled for approximately 10:30pm ET.

Marshall Tucker Band’s Can’t You See Named No. 1

“Can’t You See” Named #1 Southern Rock Song. Townsquare Media’s Ultimate Classic Rock recently unveiled its list of the greatest Southern Rock songs ever recorded. The Marshall Tucker Band holds the the top spot with “Can’t You See.” Every year the song is included in new major motion picture soundtracks, TV series and commercials and is played thousands of times on Classic Rock radio stations all around the world. “We are over the top with this announcement from Ultimate Classic Rock. It certainly lets us all know that ‘Can’t You See’ is and will continue to be appreciated for a very long time.” -Marshall Tucker Band lead singer and founding member Doug Gray “Can’t You See” was written by the late Toy Caldwell and was originally recorded in 1973. It was later released as a single in 1977 and soared to the top of several national music charts. The iconic southern anthem has been covered by some of the biggest names in the Country and Rock music genres, including Waylon Jennings, Alabama, Poison, Hank Williams Jr., Kid Rock, the Allman Brothers Band, the Charlie Daniels Band and the Zac Brown Band. “Next time you hear this song in public, take notice and you’ll make the strangest observation, especially if there is booze involved. There seems to be something about this particular song that makes the majority (very ironically) close their eyes and sway their head from left to right while singing the song’s famous ‘Can’t you see’ line. That universal connection earns this song the top spot on our southern rock songs list.” -Ultimate Classic Rock ULTIMATE CLASSIC ROCK TOP 10 SOUTHERN ROCK SONGS: 10. “Mississippi Queen” – Mountain 9. “30 Days In The Hole” – Humble Pie 8. “Ramblin’ Man” – The Allman Brothers 7. “La Grange” – ZZ Top 6. “Flirtin’ With Disaster” – Molly Hatchet 5. “Long Haired Country Boy” – The Charlie Daniels Band 4. “Highway Song” – Blackfoot 3. “Green Grass & Hight Tides” – The Outlaws 2. “Sweet Home Alabama” – Lynyrd Skynyrd 1. “Can’t You See” – The Marshall Tucker Band

The Marshall Tucker Band Greatest Hits

The Marshall Tucker Band Brings Back Vinyl For Their Release Of Greatest Hits! The Marshall Tucker Band has been around and rocking since the 70s, when their was no such things as CDs and digital retailers. Then, MTB along with every other musical act on the planet, depended on vinyl records to get their music in the fans hands. On November 22, in celebration of 40 years, the vinyl edition of The Marshall Tucker Band: Greatest Hits will be released! “As we continue to tour, more and more fans are showing up in the autograph lines with their original Marshall Tucker vinyl records, even more so than CDs. There’s just something cool about vinyl. It’s very retro and I think most people out there will agree that in today’s day and age, retro is ‘in.’ This is an appropriate release for us, especially since we’re celebrating 40 years.” -Doug Gray, lead singer and founding member The 17-track album, a Gatefold Double-LP 180 gram vinyl record, contains some of the MTB’s most notable hits including “Can’t You See“, “Heard It In A Love Song“, “Fire On The Mountain“, “24 Hours At A Time” and “Take The Highway“. Three of the 17 tracks are previously unreleased live concert recordings from an earlier overseas tour. Since turntable record players are no longer a mainstream commodity, the new vinyl will include a digital download card! The vinyl edition will be available for purchase later this month at all vinyl record stores, online at Amazon and Greatest Hits Track Listing 1. Take The Highway 2. Blue Ridge Mountain Sky 3. In My Own Way 4. Fire On The Mountain 5. Heard It In A Love Song 6. Ramblin’ 7. Searchin’ For A Rainbow 8. I Should Have Never Started Lovin’ You 9. 24 Hours At A Time 10. Long Hard Ride 11. Can’t You See 12. Too Stubborn 13. This Ol’ Cowboy 14. Desert Skies 15. Hillbilly Band (Live) 16. Every Day I Sing The Blues (Live) 17. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Live)