Turnpike Troubadours Gin, Smoke, Lies Video

The Official Music Video For The Turnpike Troubadours’ “Gin, Smoke, Lies,” “Gin, Smoke, Lies” is the Turnpike Troubadours’ current and first single from their recent album Goodbye Normal Street. They just released the official music video for the song, which is their first ever. These Oklahoma boys are all about the music and listening to any of their three albums will show you that. Just last week I caught a show of theirs in Fort Smith, Ar, where they killed it! They were part of the Mustang Brewery & Jim Beam Distillery “Razing Hops ‘n Hell” tour, along with The Dirty River Boys and The Brandon Clark Band. Watch “Gin, Smoke, Lies” now and tell us what you think!

Turnpike Troubadour Goodbye Normal Street Album Review

Turnpike Troubadour’s Goodbye Normal Street Keeps You Wanting More. Goodbye Normal Street is the Turnpike Troubadours third studio album. The band has been getting a lot of attention the past few years, winning awards and being exposed to fans simply by word of mouth. They have a sound like no other and it is definitely working for them. All eleven songs on this album were written by one or more members of the band. This record has a very honest, edgy, sound that is provided by some very talented musicians. I normally save this line for the end (only when I truly agree with it), but if you haven’t already I suggest you go and buy this album! I have to say that every song in this grouping makes me either want to dance or sit up late drinking. Take that as you may… “Gin, Smoke, Lies” is the band’s current single and has a bit of a dark, you-can’t-get-things-past-me feeling to it. It’s no B.S. and I dig it! I would say “Wrecked” is currently my favorite song on the album, with “Quit While I’m Ahead” coming in at a close second! “Call A Spade A Spade” has one of the best lines in a song that I have heard in a long time “everything’s so easy, up until its complicated.” This song, in my opinion has a classic, honky-tonk vibe to it. Songs like “Blue Star” and “Good Lord Lorrie” leave me wanting to know the back-story to them, I feel like they are good ones. I think this album can easily relate to many generations and here’s why…One day my grandma was in the car with me when “Empty As A Drum” came on my playlist. The first line was said and she gave me a look and said “what is this?” with a not-so-happy look on her face. By the end of the song she was slightly swaying and said “it has a good beat.” Now if you knew her you would know that is a huge compliment. So as I said before, go get this album! It gets an A+ from me and my lovely grandma! Goodbye Normal Street Track Listing 1. Gin Smoke & Lies – Even Felker 2. Before The Devil Knows We’re Dead – Felker, RC Edwards 3. Southeastern Son – Felker 4. Blue Star – Felker 5. Call A Spade A Spade – Felker, Jamie Wilson 6. Morgan Street – Edwards 7. Gone, Gone, Gone – Felker 8. Good Lord Lorrie – Felker 9. Empty As A Drum – Felker 10. Wrecked – Felker, Edwards 11. Quite While I’m Ahead – Felker

HaleighT’s Weekend Plans

What Better Way Start To A New School Year Than 3 Nights Of Live Music? School has begun and for me summer is over. With that come great things…football season and hopefully some cooler weather. Those are the only two I can think of at the moment, but they are good ones! One thing that won’t change season to season is my presence at as many concerts and shows as possible! George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville has started the semester off right for all college kids and the first weekend on Dickson! The Turnpike Troubadours will be there tonight, August 25, with guests Shane Smith & the Six Gun Saints and Montgomery Trucking. Tomorrow, August 26, Reckless Kelly will headline and Saturday, August 27, the Josh Abbott Band will round up the fun filled weekend! It is sure to be an eventful three days and I’m ready to get it started! The only things standing in my way are a few classes, some reading, a quiz, and a couple album reviews…I better get started!

Turnpike Troubadours Headline Diamond Daze

Turnpike Troubadours Dazzle While Headlining at Diamond Daze! The Turnpike Troubadours were welcomed to the Diamond Daze Festival in Sallisaw, Ok this past Friday, there I had the opportunity to sit and talk with them. Fittingly, their band name comes from living and traveling up and down the turnpikes of Oklahoma and sharing their love of music. Band members are Evan Felker, lead vocals and acoustic, R.C. Edwards, bass and backing vocals, Kyle Nix, fiddle and backing vocals, Ryan Engleman, lead guitar, and Giovanni “Nooch” Carnuccio, drums and backing vocals. Reading about them I found that, “isolation can be the mother of originality”. Coming from small towns, the guys of the band realized that they were able to do things their way. Not having to conform or compare to others made them who they are today, a mixture of folk, country, and pure talent! The Troubadours have many influences including Steve Earle, Old 97s, and Flogging Molly. When I asked who they would like to have an informal jam session with, dead or alive, they quickly replied with The Band, Bob Dylan’s former band or themselves ten years from now. The second answer must have left an intrigued look on my face because lead vocalist Evan Felker and bass player R.C. Edwards went on to explain how the impossible opportunity would give them a chance to learn from experiences and show a glance of what the future held. They shared with me their excitement for larger venues, like Fort Worth’s Billy Bob’s. Shows with 150-200 people always seem to be a fun time with tons of crowd enthusiasm. They have made some memories while joining artists like Jason Boland and Cross Canadian Ragweed on stage and once opened for legend Randy Owen of Alabama! At the same time they love a small town festival, fiddle player Kyle Nix said seeing a little kid singing along to their songs gives a different kind of satisfaction. Knowing that someone truly likes the songs and isn’t just looking for a good bar with live music must be a proud moment for any band. The song “Whole Damn Town” is a crowd pleaser, usually resulting in plenty of energized fans afterwards. Trying to dig for some crazy stories, all the guys agreed that after a while nothing shocks them, it all becomes the norm. The Troubadours have two albums, Bossier City and Diamonds and Gasoline. They are currently promoting the later of the two where they worked closely with Mike McClure. One goal of theirs is to put out a new album every year, they will be going into the studio next month to work on their third. Local band Sherman Conelly and War Pony opened for the Turnpike Troubadours Friday and Saturday the festival hosted The Brandon Butler Band, James Wesley, and Josh Gracin. Wesley is an up and comer already having his single “Real” on the country charts. Josh Gracin played many cover songs, along with some originals including “Nothing To Lose” Continue reading Turnpike Troubadours Headline Diamond Daze