Randy Rogers Band At George’s Majestic Lounge

The Randy Rogers Band Did NOT Disappoint On Dickson! Last night, August 30th, the Randy Rogers Band gave Fayetteville, AR one heck of a show! They played at the legendary George’s Majestic Lounge to a packed house. The show added the cherry to the already exciting week for the college town, with the first Razorback game of the season Saturday and a 3 day weekend! RRB’s latest single, “One More Sad Song,” hit iTunes earlier this week and lucky for this crowd, they got to hear it live! The band also played “Flash Flood” from their upcoming album and “Goodbye Lonely,” which will be track #1 on the new album set to release in early 2013. The new stuff was great, but one of the best things to see at any show is true fans, singing along word-for-word, with every song! “Too Late for Goodbye,” “Wicked Ways,” “Steal You Away,” “Lost and Found,” “Down and Out,” “Interstate” and “Kiss Me In The Dark” had this bunch of concert-goers doing exactly that! I am pretty partial to “Buy Myself A Chance,” so that is always the highlight of RRB’s show for me! But, one thing that I did notice after stepping back and just watching the give and take of the band with the audience (that I’ve never picked up on before) is how much these guys can command a crowd’s attention. There wasn’t much chatter between groups, no girls crying…just a bunch of smiling, dancing, singing, straight-ahead-looking fans! The show ended with “This Time Around,” and left everyone wanting more! RRB has a busy weekend ahead with shows in Thackerville, OK tonight, Corpus Christi, TX Saturday and New Braunfels, TX Sunday! If you are anywhere near any of those locations, do yourself a favor and catch their show! Check out photos from the show!

Corey Smith At George’s Majestic Lounge

Corey Smith Had Fayetteville Rocking Till They Couldn’t Rock Anymore! This past Friday (November 4) Corey Smith was the headlining act at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Average Joe’s artist was a hit as he sang to a sold out crowd! The fans didn’t miss a beat as they sang along, word for word to the outspoken musicians lyrics. “Backroad“, “If I Could Do It Again” and “Maybe Next Year” were just a few songs from his latest album The Broken Road that he belted that night. The opening act was a band by the name of Florida Georgia Line. These guys did an exceptional job of getting the crowd pumped up! I found myself saying over and over “Who are these guys?” They have some great original music and are full of energy! They will be making a few more stops with Smith as he travels down the road doing what he loves! You can find more about them at their website www.floridageorgialine.com The Broken Road Track Listing 1. Intro 2. If I Could Do It Again 3. Carolina 4. I Love Everyone 5. No Way (Out With A Smile) 6. Heart Attack 7. Hey Corey 8. Broken Record 9. Maybe Next Year 10. Backroad 11. Roots 12. New Day 13. Sugar Daddy 14. Twenty-One 15. Something To Lose 16. Down To Earth 17. Silly