Charlie Daniels New Single Take Back The USA

Charlie Daniels Releases New Single, “Take Back The USA” Available Now!

Charlie Daniels is at it again, this time he’s bringing us his latest single, “Take Back the USA.” You can download the patriotic hit from iTunes now. As the presidential election inches closer to us, Charlie’s song reminds us to show our love for America.
SiriusXM Patriot 125 producer, Ray Muccio, summed up what’s so great about “Take Bake the USA”:

“In a time where music has lost much of its meaning and heart, Charlie Daniels
reminds us that patriotism is a way to reach millions and millions of Americans. It’s time for us as Americans to ‘Take Back the USA,’ and Charlie Daniels has paved the road for other artists to reach out to all Americans and remind them of the importance to vote on November 6th and take back the country we know and love so much.”

WATCH This Fan-Made Video for “Take Back the USA“: