Chelsea Bain “Rockin That Trailer” Video

Chelsea Bain Puts A Little Rock In Her Country In New Video!

You might have heard of Chelsea Bain last year when her self-titled debut EP released in 2011, but if you haven’t heard of her…you’re gonna want to get on that. Bain’s new single “Rockin That Trailer” is well, hilarious, but its also infectious and a straight up rockin’ good time. Chelsea’s brand of country mixes in a substantial dose of rock in roll for a crank-that-up-and-enjoy effect that is guaranteed to get you moving. The video is true to the sound of the song, and if anything, makes me like it even more! Bain clearly has a personality as individual as her musical style that basically demands you take notice.

This single comes off of Bain’s upcoming album release, All-American Country Girl, which is due out some time this summer. “Rockin’ That Trailer” is already available on iTunes, so I suggest you check out the video below and then head on over to download it!

Chelsea will be on the road during April for tour dates with Bucky Covington!

Chelsea Bain, “Rockin That Trailer”.


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8 Replies to “Chelsea Bain “Rockin That Trailer” Video”

  1. It’s amazing what auto-tune can do, isn’t it? Even someone with little experience in the music industry can take a listen and hear these recordings are DRENCHED in it. Put the cheesy vocal aside, the actual instruments on the track are even auto-tuned. Who produced this disaster?
    I had to suffer through a “live” karaoke infused style “show” when I went to see Bucky Covington not long ago. Between her pelvic thrusting stage moves, awkward banter and headache inducing vocal, audience members were literally stepping outside of the venue until this chick got off stage and their ears were “safe” to return. SHE CAN’T SING A NOTE LIVE! Which brings up the question, why are there NO videos of her singing live? On YouTube or anywhere else? Hmmm… My point exactly…
    To all the lovers of country music out there, do yourself a favor and invest your eardrums, hard earned $ and time in a legit act instead of one with a falsely generated fan base (with purchased YouTube views and Facebook/Twitter friends) and a shriek that will make your ears bleed.
    And a side note to the “artist”. Everybody has dreams, but take a step back to reality. You might be having fun, but what you are really doing is embarrassing yourself. It’s not too late, go back to school and get a real job. Music, country or not, is just not for you.
    Country music lover

  2. Great article Chelsea.. We know the truth. Ignore the ones that follow you because they are threatened and have insecurities.We know these are people who watch everything written or that goes up to bash you..