November Lily Supports American Heart Association

New Country Duo Lends Talent to American Heart Association!

There is a new country duo on the scene, and you are gonna want to take a minute to check them out! November Lily, or Matt Williams and Ashley Patty, hails from Oklahoma, and between the two of them they have a life-long connection to music. Before getting together to create November Lily, Matt was working on getting a Christian band together, and Ashley (formerly Wentworth) has been singing since she was just seven years old!

So far, they’ve already got two songs under their belt, “Summer Song” a quick, fun, upbeat tune that lives up to its name and “Tell Me Can You Feel It“, that’s just a bit slower and calmer. Between these two songs, it is clear that November Lily has got a lot of talent and versatility combined with an authentic, home-grown country vibe. No need to just take my word for it though, you can check out the songs for yourself on their official homepage here.

While they’re trying to get their music up and running though, this duo has more than just music that they’re passionate about! Ashley had a health scare when she was younger, and now has an implanted defibrillator. Through a connection with another young women with a similar experience, Ashley was able to get involved with the American Heart Association. She is now a spokesperson and an advocate for the organization. You can check out the video below for details on her experience, and why she is involved!

November Lily will be performing at the AHA Fundraising Luncheon on May 11th in Tulsa, OK, and Ashley will be speaking at the event as well! Our very own HaleighT will be attending, and will be sure to bring back all the details of the event! For our part, we are happy to support this new country duo, and their efforts to speak out for the AHA! Be sure to check them out ASAP!

Hear Ashley’s Story!


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