Country Music Community Responds to George Jones’ Passing

Country Music Stars Respond to Passing of Icon George Jones, Share Memories and Send Condolences.

This morning (Friday, April 26th) the country community was deeply saddened by the news of legend George Jones‘ passing. There has been a truly overwhelming outpouring of fond memories, kind words, and condolences being shared, and I sincerely hope that Jones’ family and friends can find some solace in the fact the their loved one is going to be so well remembered by so many.

Almost immediately after the news was released, messages from stars, fans and industry folks began flooding the top social media platforms. Appropriately the hashtag #GeorgeJones, was trending within what seemed like just minutes on Twitter.Below, find some of the statements and tweets that have been shared and released throughout the day.

Artists Respond to Passing of George Jones.

Alan Jackson:

“Well, heaven better get ready for some great country music. While George was known for his wild and crazy days, I’ve known him for 25 years as a friend. He had grown into a real good man. Of course, he will always be the greatest singer and interpreter of real country music – there’ll never be another. Like the song says, ‘You know this old world is full of singers, but just a few are chosen to tear your heart out when they sing. Imagine life without them…Who’s gonna fill their shoes.’”

Loretta Lynn:

“It’s a sad day for country music and a great loss for those of us who knew him. I was blessed to call George my friend. He was one of the best country singers there ever was. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, Nancy, and all of his family. It’s a sad, sad day.”

Brad Paisley:

“George Jones’ life is an example of so many wonderful things. How someone’s God-given gifts can make this a richer, better place. How one human being can overcome adversity, addiction, and life threatening obstacles time and time again. That it is not the stumble or fall that counts, but the willingness to stand again. How a keen sense of humor and a twinkle in a person’s eye can still prevail even after all of life’s hard knocks. How mistakes, missteps, and bad choices are not the end of the world if a person chooses to turn them into something good. And George’s life is above all the strongest example of how the love of a great woman can get a man through anything. All of this made its way beautifully into every note of the greatest voice country music will ever know. And one of the greatest friends you could ever have.
We miss you already, George.

Easton Corbin:

“I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of one of my all time heroes, George Jones. Georges’ music was real and he was able to touch thousands through his songs. Not only was he a great singer, but he also had the ability to make you relate to every one of his songs, no matter who you are. He and his music will remain timeless in the world of country music. My thoughts and prayers are with his family through this difficult time.”

Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts:

“He was the greatest country vocalist that ever lived! Through the years we have all tried to emulate the passion in his voice, but no one can fill his shoes.”

Barbara Mandrell:

“I believe if you ask any singer who was the greatest country music singer of all time, they would say’George Jones’. He was without question and by far the BEST! I first met and worked with him when I was 13 years old; I am so very grateful that he was my friend.”

From Twitter:

As of the writing of this post, #GeorgeJones is still trending on Twitter. If you’d like to share thoughts, memories, prayers or condolences to Nancy Jones, you can do so via email:

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  1. Wish he was Just playin possum with us all but sadly he's gone. A true legend bigger then life has passed and you can feel the sorrow in the world today.