HaleighT, On The Road Again

HaleighT And MissMolly Visit Memphis And Nashville Tennessee!

Last weekend I embarked on a miniature road trip with my friend and co-worker, MissMolly! We crossed two state lines heading to Tennessee from Oklahoma to make our mark in Memphis and Nashville. At one point we were asked the question, “Are you here for business or pleasure?” We just looked at each other, because it’s hard to answer that when our business is pleasure! I had a blast and I’m super excited to tell y’all all about it!

We left CMNB headquarters bright and early last Thursday morning (July 7) to head for the Volunteer State. This came to be quite difficult for me because the night before I was hard at work interviewing and listening to No Justice. =) As we rolled down I40 we discussed our itinerary, the always organized Molly had us one printed up and everything! I started to get pretty anxious in anticipation because it was my first time to both legendary cities. The rest of the drive was spent taking in the view and listening to some country music!

As soon as we crossed the Hernando De Soto Bridge I knew it was sure to be a great weekend. We checked into The Weston, which was right off of the famous Beale Street, then began work right away. We walked to Beale and got some footage and familiarized ourselves with the area. Molly is from Memphis, so I was very lucky to have her as my tour guide. I can honestly say I was out of my element; everything and everyone I saw intrigued me (in a good way).

We had just enough time for a quick supper with Molly’s family and then it was back to work. We passed out our CMNB “Country Music Fan” fans to the crowds waiting for The JaneDear Girls and Steve Holly. The local radio station, KIX 106, had the artists featured in their free concert KIX On Beale for the evening. We were very successful in keeping the people cool and getting our name out there all at the same time. During the concert I saw several people putting their fans to use and enjoying the music! Once it was over, we took to the bars to partake in some local fun (all work related). It was great!

The next morning we were “On The Road Again“! Lunch was had at Loretta Lynn’s Kitchen in Hurricane Mills, Tn. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was perfect! I definitely recommend stopping by if you ever find yourself in Hurricane Mills.

Nashville…what can I say about Nashville…it is AMAZING! I only wish we could have been there longer. We stayed at The Renaissance, where we met some very friendly people. The itinerary said to explore, and that’s exactly what we did! We toured the famous Ryman Auditorium and sadly not the Country Music Hall Of Fame, too many places, not enough time. The nightlife was so exciting; actually being in some places I’ve always heard about (Tootsies!) was fabulous! My only complaint…no fiddles! Every bar had a live band, but not a single one had a fiddle in it! There was a bar named “The Second Fiddle” and they had some guy singing some Counting Crows…what’s up with that?!

Sadly, the next day was jam packed full of driving. At our halfway point, Memphis, we joined Molly’s family again for lunch. The rest of the trip contained me, repeatedly, informing the lady to my right that every song that came on the radio was my favorite. Some Clint Black, Luke Bryan, and a little over 300 miles later…we were home! It was a great experience! I am beyond excited for my next trip and maybe, possibly, one day being a resident…

About HaleighT

HaleighT grew up in rural Sallisaw, Oklahoma, completely immersed in the country music lifestyle. She works with CMNB as our field assignment journalist, gathering concert reviews and exclusive interviews from every artist she can. When she's not out on the road, she's in our web studio filming "Takin' a Break With HaleighT" a short weekly opinion and news segment that launched in 2011.