Taylor Swift’s Fragrance

Taylor Swift Launches Her Own Fragrance!

Well, pretty soon you will not only be able to listen to Taylor Swift, but you’ll be able to smell like her as well! Swift has announced that she will be launching her very own fragrance to prestige department stores this October. The scent has been named “Wonderstruck“, and the name is pulled from a line out of her song “Enchanted“.

“I wrote the lyric, ‘I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home,’ for the song ‘Enchanted’ about the first time you meet someone. A fragrance can help shape someone’s first impression and memory of you.” -Taylor Swift

Taylor worked with the Elizabeth Arden company to create her personalized scent, and it is full of all ingredients that conjure images of southern living like honeysuckle, white hibiscus, peach and apple blossom.

No doubt Swift fans will be banging down the doors come early October to get their hands on a little bit of “Wonderstruck”.

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  2. I’m waiting for her perfomance in Madison Square Garden in November! It’ll be amazing concert! ANd of course I will buy her new scent.