Hank Williams Jr. Partners With Free Music For Free America

Hank Williams Jr. Joins Forces with Free Music for Free America Campaign.

Hank Williams Jr. is all about the free music! When he released his “Keep The Change” it was available for free download on his site, and now he’s offering up free copies of his latest single “That Ain’t No Good“. This time though it is in association with the “Free Music For A Free America” program.

Radio stations across America have been offered a specially designed Hank Jr. widget for their station website allowing fans to click though, receive a free download of Hank’s debut song and learn more about his July 10 release, Old School, New Rules. Radio network Dial Global and satellite radio giant Sirius XM have joined in the free music give-away. It’s not entirely clear what this program is intended to do or how it will support a “free America”, but I guess you’ll get some free music out of it one way or the other.

The promotion runs through Friday, July 13th alongside a specially designed widget for a free single download for stations to use on their websites for their listeners. So, be sure to check in with your local radio station to see if they are supporting this programing.

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