I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool

Blog Rodeo March 2013: Is The Love That Country Music Is Feeling The Real Deal? Or Will It Be Gone Before You Can Say Gaucho Pants?

I consider country music to be one of the staples in my life. I grew up on the lyrics and have never been afraid to show my support in front of large crowds of strangers. As cliché as it sounds, I feel a real connection with Barbara Mandrell’s famous words, “I was country, when country wasn’t cool.”

The topic for this month’s Country Music Blog Rodeo is “why is the mainstream in love with country music?” Well, for the most part I think people like to jump on the latest trend train and make sure everybody knows they have a first-class, window seat!

We all know someone who bought skinny jeans and bubble necklaces in every color. Maybe you know a girl who proudly displays a bright pink browning sticker on her vehicle, yet she has never spent a minute in a deer stand. There are plenty of examples I could throw your way, but you get my point. If the “man” is telling them one thing is all the rage, then they’ll be the first on their block with that particular item.

The Voice introduced countless people to Blake Shelton, Oklahoma’s own outspoken troubadour, and opened the doors wide open to display the country scene. I’m not saying it’s impossible that someone, who once was only a fan of Rap music would never hear of Shelton, but I will say that it was a pretty good chance.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s bad for country music to gain new fans…heck bring them all…but only those who are truly connecting to the music will last. In my opinion, those are the only ones you can call “fans.”

Some things I know, you aren’t a cowboy/cowgirl just because you grew up in Texas, you aren’t an expert on country music because you have two Brad Paisley CD’s and a Shania Twain cassette tape, and I’m not a hillbilly because I live in Arkansas.

No matter what TV show is or isn’t getting a high rating, my love for country music isn’t going anywhere.

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