Introducing Six String Boys

Meet Six String Boys, An Up and Coming Texas Based Country Red Dirt Group You Should Notice!

With the motto, “Six Strings and a Dream“, Texas-based Six String Boys (Josh Spivey, Rich Hermes, Evan Beran and Justin Ng) have a vision (that record deal!) for their future and the talent to back it up. Currently based in and around College Station these boys are aiming to make sure they’re creating music that will get heard, and with several projects in the works, they’re off to a good start.

In DIY mode, this group has a documentary/music video hybrid in production that is being directed/produced by another Texas up and comer, news reporter turned video producer, Nicole Morten of Water Into Wine Productions. The video features Six String’s original tune “Take My Hand” as well as interviews with group members, giving everyone insight into the group’s beginnings and their motivation for where they’re headed! Also in the works is a complete album (to possibly release this year!) of original work. Their lyrics speak to real world experiences and down-home living that any country music fan could relate to, and the instrumentals have that country with a little-bit-of-rock-in-there vibe that sounds fine slow or can pick it up to get your foot to stompin’. All in all, what they have recorded at this point shows promise! To hear a little bit of what they’ve got goin’ on, see below.

Beyond those projects, which is a lot in and of itself, Six String Boys is also hard at work playing as many live shows as they can. While they are willing to play just about anywhere, these boys do most of their playing in and around College Station.They have big plans though, aiming their reach towards Austin, San Antonio, Dallas (all the big Texas hot spots…and the smaller ones too!) and eventually beyond (Nashville, anyone?).

These guys are down to earth, motivated and ready to put on a good show! So, keep an ear out if you’re in Texas or elsewhere for the Six String Boys. This is one group you should take a little time to get to know.

Take A Listen To Their Tunes Here!


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11 Replies to “Introducing Six String Boys”

  1. We are so grateful to be able to have this opportunity. Thanks SO MUCH to Molly for doing this for us. Big Thanks to CMNB for the opportunity!

  2. I had the pleasure of hearing these guys just outside of Conroe Texas once and they are the real deal. I think they were having some sound system issues, but even with that my friends and I stuck around to hear them sing. The lead singer has a great southern style voice and I’m really glad that I got to meet them before they got started! Keep up the good work guys and make Texas proud!

  3. You guys are awesome! I checked you guys out and I’ve got to say that there is a LOT of talent there! They way you guys keep writing songs is great. Music to my ears! I’ll be waiting for the cd when it comes out.

  4. I’d ease up on the harmonies just a tad bit and bring up the volume on the vocals, but other than that the song has GREAT potential. Take My Hand. Good sound, good look, and good vibes. I like these guys.

  5. Excellent. I am glad to see this article of you guys. Keep playing and see you in College Station soon.

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