Jason Aldean Gets Ticketed

Twitter Users Get Fired Up After Jason Aldean Comments On Getting A Ticket.

Yesterday while enjoying a nice day on the beach, Jason Aldean received a ticket for being in the water when flags were up. He tweeted about this happening and was apparently bombarded with tweets condeming his words. Here is what Aldean tweeted…

“Dear officer who gave me a ticket on the beach today for swimming in the water with double red flags…Thanx for the warning Barney Fife!”

“I know he was doin his job, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t drown in knee deep water. Gimme a break!”

“Chill people…I’m not b***hin’, I’m just sayin…When there is 100 people in the water and u pick 2 of them to give a ticket to …WTH?”

“I respect all law enforcement & I am thankful for what they do for us, but me & that 12 yr old who got the other $100 tix. are a lil’ bitter.”

“I love it when y’all get fired up on here! Woooooo!”

“Y’all gettin’ way too worked up over this… I was just having fun & joking then everybody started goin’ crazy. Simmer down peeps it’s all good.”

Aldean also tweeted a picture with the the beach full of others in the water as well with the caption “I would like to present exhibit A! Case closed!” exibit

Well…In my personal opinion…I’m with Jason! I know for a fact my family would have reacted the same exact way in this situation. Let’s be real…I bet 85% of people would have too.

What do you think? Was the “Fly Over States” singer in the wrong? Or did twitter users take an innocent joke and turn it into something else? Let us know!

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