BamaJam 2012 Must See List

BamaJam 2012: The Acts You Don’t Want To Miss!

BamaJam 2012 is just hours away, and HaleighT and I are hittin’ the highway to get there! The event organizers have pulled together 3 days of great music and fun activities, and we couldn’t be more excited. One of the good things about festivals like this is that there is a really good mix of artists. There will be some big name headliners, but there will also be some new up and comers that haven’t hit it big maybe but still have the talent. So, for our readers, I’m going to break this out, and give you the list of my “must-see” performances for this year’s festival! These are the people that push come to shove, I won’t be missing…no matter what.

MissMolly’s “Must-See” List for BamaJam 2012!


1. Willie Nelson
You just can’t get more iconic than Willie.
2. Eric Church
Church is just straight up bad ass. His performance will be beyond awesome. End of story.
3. Zac Brown Band
There isn’t a single song these guys have put out, that I don’t love. It doesn’t matter what mood I’m in or what’s going on, but I am always a little bit happier after listening to ZBB. So, I simply can’t wait to see what these guys bring to the stage…live!

Up and Coming:

1. Conner Christian and Southern Gothic
I hadn’t heard of this group until I check out the complete line-up, and I’m glad that they’ve landed on my radar. They definitely aren’t traditional country, but have an Americana, kind of southern rock vibe. Their sound is gritty and I think has the potential to be great live and festival perfect!
2. Sonia Leigh
Leigh has been around for more than a few years now, and her career is really starting to pick up traction! She is a singer/songwriter with a sound that’s got country at its core and a rock vibe mixed in. She has all the makings of a great live performer and I have high hopes for her set.
3. Casey James
We’ve had our eye on this talented young man since his days on American Idol, and I’m ready to see if he is as good in live and in person as he is live and on tv! Based on the music he has released so, I’m pretty confident it will be a good show!

Be sure to check out the complete line-up and figure out who makes it on your “must-see” list. Let us know by commenting below!

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