JB and the Moonshine Band Interview

JB and the Moonshine Band Talk About “Chasin Rainbows”!

Hayden McMullen, Gabe Guevara, Chris Flores, and JB Patterson make up what is JB and the Moonshine Band. I first heard of these guys after a small fishing trip this spring. A close friend and country music fan played me a couple songs and said I should check into them for work. A short while later, after hearing their whole album, I decided I had to see them live. Of course the first opportunity I had was a show at my favorite venue on Dickson, George’s Majestic Lounge (they know how to pick entertainment!) in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I sat with the band and asked some pretty generic questions, but was pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t given generic responses! JB is very dedicated and passionate about his work and anyone who disagrees can just ask what he was doing a few years back. Even though he had a successful career in advertising, something was missing. Being more intrigued by music led him to take a chance and follow his dreams. The singer/songwriter held an open audition and had 3 people show up, it was obviously fate and the Moonshine Band was formed. Chris, Gabe, Hayden and JB have been rolling down the road ever since.

JBMB is a fairly new band, they are around two years old and in what they call the “toddler” stage. They must have been watching some of those Baby Einstein videos or something because they seem to have their act together!

They may not always have a packed house, but they always have a happy crowd and leave with a few more fans than they came in with. They love what they’re doing, have plenty of energy and fun on stage and this is what keeps people at their shows.

JB writes all the songs for his band and helps out fellow artists when need be. Casey Donahew reached out to the front man a while back and together they wrote what is now the title track to the Casey Donahew Band’s upcoming album. JB said when you write with someone you never know how it will turn out, but he was thrilled with Casey’s excitement for their creation! “Double Wide Dream” can be heard now at www.caseydonahewband.com.

I asked for some crazy stories from different shows and was told that there are plenty of stories, but sometimes its hard to keep them all straight. JB said it was more like “One big, huge, colossal show and that show is awesome!”

Not only are these guys musically talented, but they are very polite and freaking hilarious! If you don’t believe me, pop on over to YouTube and check out their videos. Here is one that is particularly close to my heart (as you will see in this Friday’s episode of Takin’ A Break With HaleighT)…


Their first album, Ain’t Goin Back to Jail, was released in 2010 and includes a collection of love ballads and comical, upbeat tunes. What you need to do is go get it, I’m telling you it is good stuff! If you are lucky enough to catch a show, then stop by the merch table. Torren will have tons of goodies for you including Ain’t Goin Back to Jail which you can probably get autographed after the show! Also be looking for their second album, which will be out at the first of the year. It will include “Kiss Me That Way“, “More Like My Dog“, “Yes“, “The Only Drug“, plus many others!

Ain’t Goin Back to Jail Track List
1. I’m Broke
2. Ain’t Goin Back to Jail
3. Whiskey Days
4. Love Don’t Let You Decide
5. Doin Fine
6. Good Old Days
7. Perfect Girl
8. Throw Your Love Down
9. Glad That Your Mine
10. Sticker Peck Out
11. Chasin Rainbows
12. Missin You Again
13. Roll With Me

All of the guys in the band are from the Tyler, Texas area. Their families, communities and the rest of East Texas who are being affected by the recent wildfires are in our prayers.

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