Josh Abbott Band Interview

Josh Abbott Band Comes To George’s Majestic Lounge In Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The Josh Abbott Band headlined at George’s Majestic Lounge this past Saturday, August 27, where the Texas based band had the garden amped up for the first weekend of the college semester. I met up with the guys that afternoon for a short interview. Josh Abbott (vocals, acoustic guitar), Preston Wait (fiddle, electric guitar), Edward Villaneuva (drums), James Hertless (bass), and Caleb Keeter (electric guitar) all sat with me and graciously answered my questions.

They told me how George’s was one of their favorite places to play outside of Texas and that this was their 6th time playing at the Dickson Street club. They have previously opened for the Randy Rogers Band and the Eli Young Band at the venue, both bands that JAB looks up to. Along with RRB and EYB, Wade Bowen is another veteran that they admire. Each has taught them different things, from business, to life on the road, to interacting with the fans. The guys all agreed that festivals with lots of bands are always fun because they feel more like family reunions.

I asked each member what they would be doing if music hadn’t of worked out and each had very different answers. Preston would more than likely go into the family business of farming, James would work in computers or photography, Josh would finish grad school, Caleb might become a radiologist and Edward would be in law enforcement. Thankfully they are successful at what they do and proved that to Fayetteville Saturday night!

The show went great! The college town was having a blast and singing along to every song. There were numerous “Hog Calls” which was a treat for guitarist Caleb, an Arkansas native. “Oh Tonight“, “She’s Like Texas“, “Good Night For Dancing“, “All Of A Sudden“, “If You’re Leaving (I’m Coming Too)”, “Miss You Again“, “I’ll Trust You“, and “Taste” were included in the set list. The last song of the night was their latest single “My Texas“. This song features another friend and leader of the Texas Music world, Pat Green. It’s kind of a late 90s, throwback, bucket list type of song. The guys said it is really awesome because fans will tell them what they have done and what they have left to do on the song’s checklist.

My Texas” will be on their upcoming album which is set to be released on February 14. Also on the album will be the sequel to their very talked about, racy “Taste“. The second part to the scandalous, yet passionate song is titled “Touch” and was written by Josh Abbott, Jay Clementi and Radney Foster and should be hitting radio towards the end of November or beginning of December.

We just like having fun with the fans.” These boys said it and they really do mean it! They have been known to buy a round for the bar, cheers to the fans, pass out free shirts or koozies, and at the majority of their shows will sign autographs and take pictures. The only thing that would keep them from saying hey at the end of the night is if someone is sick or they have to hit the road for their next gig…now that’s commitment!

So basically…if you are looking for some good live music and a good time, GO SEE THESE GUYS! A perfect chance for that is coming up…September 24th JABFest will take place in Austin, Texas. Get your tickets now to see them along with their friends the Turnpike Troubadours, Whiskey Myers, Ryan Beaver, and Rob Baird at the Nutty Brown Cafe & Amphitheater!

In case you are behind, go pick up their previous two albums She’s Like Texas (2010) and Scapegoat (2008)!

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