Josh Abbott Band To Releases First Holiday EP, Christmas Was

Josh Abbott Band To Releases First Holiday EP, Christmas Was

Country favorites, Josh Abbott Band, will release their first holiday EP, Christmas Was, on November 19, 2021 via Pretty Damn Tough Records.  The album produced by legendary producer Marshall Altman, will feature their renditions of holiday classics and originals such as “Silent Night.” “Marshmallow World,” “The New Kid in Town,” “Christmas Was,” and “Santa Better Knock.”  

Josh Abbott Band Ready to Take on The World With New Album!

Josh Abbott Band on Country Music News

JOSH ABBOTT BAND TO RELEASE NEW ALBUM UNTIL MY VOICE GOES OUT ON AUGUST 18TH Listen to the first song “Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey” HERE Josh Abbott Band will release their new album, Until My Voice Goes Out, on August 18th.  Produced by Dwight Baker, Until My Voice Goes Out is a hopeful look into the future, a roll-up-the-sleeves-and-move-forward embrace of life and its potential. “This album is about appreciating the moment and your family and your friends, and living life the right way,” Abbott says. “It’s really all about finding clarity and focusing on what’s important.” As Josh Abbott Band moved into the final stages of work on Until My Voice Goes Out, lead singer Josh Abbott’s personal life took a couple significant twists that underscored where JAB finds itself professionally. Abbott’s father suffered a stroke while the album was being recorded, and Josh split his time between the studio and the hospital bedside, finishing all the lead vocals shortly before his dad passed away. Two months later, Josh welcomed his first child into the world. Those developments in the spring of 2017 nutshelled the circle of life, and in a way, that’s how Until My Voice Goes Out operates. As the band observes 10 years since recording its first single, “Taste,” Voice finds the seven-piece Texas ensemble ending one chapter and beginning another. Experiencing life at its fullest includes taking risks, and Josh Abbott Band does that successfully on the new album incorporating strings and a horn section for the first time. Arranger Rob Mathes – noted for his work with Tony Bennett, Sting and Bruce Springsteen – worked up a handful of mood-setting string preludes and added to JAB’s range.  Mathes’ preludes became an important emotional glue for the project, and the titles that bookend the project – “An Appreciation of Life” and “Farewell Father” – helped bring a cohesiveness to the album and its back story. “Until My Voice Gives Out” is, after all, a song about embracing life lessons learned and using them to make a better future. Josh Abbott intends to do that in a way that supports his daughter, who arrived as JAB completed the album. The band is making a statement through the entire risk-taking album – about its continued growth and evolution as it moves forward, a decade after that first single gave Texas a taste of JAB’s brand of country. JAB’s last album ‘Front Row Seat’ debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Independent Albums chart and garnered high praise across the board. The band performed singles from the album on national television on both Jimmy Kimmel Live and Conan.   Hailed as one of the top Texas country acts, Josh Abbott Band is renowned for heartfelt songwriting and traditional instrumentation.  The independent band has accumulated over 68 million total streams, 15 million YouTube/VEVO views has over 1.5 million single sales and 200,000 album sales.  Additionally, the band has sold over 1.2 million concert tickets the last two years.  Josh Abbott Band is Continue reading Josh Abbott Band Ready to Take on The World With New Album!

Josh Abbott Band I’ll Sing About Mine-Video

The Official Music Video For Josh Abbott Band’s “I’ll Sing About Mine.” Josh Abbott Band’s single, “I’ll Sing About Mine,” just hit #1 on the Texas Music Chart. The band also just released the video for the single. “I’ll Sing About Mine” comes from JAB’s latest album, Small Town Family Dream. The song basically says that there are some artists out there singing about things that they have never experienced and trying to make them sound glamorous, but really are just making them sound ridiculous. Whether you agree with the lyrics or not, it is a pretty catchy tune. “I’ll Sing About Mine” was written by Adam Hood and Brian Keane. Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

Josh Abbott Band Sorority Spirit Contest

The Josh Abbott Band Does Their Part To Contribute To Charities With A Spirited, Sisterly Competition. The second annual Josh Abbott Band Sorority Spirit Contest is currently in progress. The contest has gotten a huge response and a lot is thanks to Twitter. Since the kick off, Josh has been receiving over 160 tweets an hour from coast to coast from sorority sisters doing their part to raise some money for their philanthropy. Prizes for this contest include a Josh Abbott Band performance, $10,000 in award money to the winning houses philanthropy, as well as prizes from Dior Cosmetics, Kendra Scott Jewelry and Gigi’s Cupcakes. Sorority Chapters from all directions have registered including Tampa Florida, Pennsylvania State University, University of Oregon, Northern Arizona University, Louisiana State University, Texas Tech, University of Wisconsin-Madison and more! There are 3 phases of the contest and phase 2, Finals Week, begins tomorrow! The 10-15 chapters who had the most people “join” their spirit page and have shown the most creativity will advance into Finals Week. Those finalists will have November 13-15 to submit a skit, via video, with a theme of the bands choosing. Grand prize winners will be chosen from that group based on creativity, entertainment value and effort. Phase 3, The Showdown, will have the videos displayed publicly to raise awareness of the finalists philanthropies. The final winners of this year’s JAB Spirit Contest will be announced the week of November 19. For more information on the contest click HERE. Watch the video below of how last year’s, the first ever, JAB spirit contest turned out!

Josh Abbott Band At George’s Majestic Lounge

The Josh Abbott Band Sets The Bar High For This Fall Semester In Fayetteville! The Josh Abbott Band made their way to Fayetteville, AR this Wednesday to perform at George’s Majestic Lounge. This was the first week back to classes for the Razorbacks and judging by the sold out crowd, they were ready to forget the books! JAB performed songs from their current album, Small Town Family Dream (read the review here), as well as some of their classics. As I said before, it was a sold out show! A great portion of the crowd missed the opening band because of the amount of people trying to get in the doors at once. George’s has one of the best, if not very best crews working from them. But with that many fans, the doormen can only get you in so fast. Luckily for the attendees, as soon as you were in, you were golden! The newly remodeled venue had a great vibe in the air and as soon as the band took the stage all focus was straight ahead! The crowd was singing along the whole night (“Taste,” “Touch,” “Oh Tonight” and more) and some boot scooters managed to get a little two-steppin’ in (with what little space was available, SOLD OUT SHOW!). If you are familiar with this band’s live show, then you know what I mean when I say it was exactly what I expected. This in no way is a bad thing…the energy was explosive and the music was right on point! As usual, the girls went crazy for Preston Wait‘s fiddle skills and melted over Josh‘s voice. All in all, the night was a success! I truly believe the band likes playing George’s and I know the Arkansas fans love having them!

Josh Abbott Band Small Town Family Dream Album Review

The Small Town Family Dream According To The Josh Abbott Band! The Josh Abbott Band recently released their album, Small Town Family Dream. Not only is it the title to track number 12, it is also a very fitting title for the compilation of the songs on this album. “I’ll Sing About Mine” not so subtly calls out songs like “She Thinks My Tractors Sexy” for singing about everyday tasks that seem to be glamorized by those who aren’t actually performing them. “She Will Be Free” is a sweet, not-so-slow song about a very strong woman who obviously has a very special place in a man’s heart. “Touch” is the follow up to JAB’s very popular, very racy “Taste.” It is also the band’s current single. “Idalou,” “My Texas,” “Dallas Love,” “Matagorda Bay” are all songs about Texas, which is a common theme in JAB music. “Hell’s Gates On Fire” is about the devastating fires that ripped through Texas last year. “Rain Finally Coming Down” has a classic lovers theme with plenty of fiddle that JAB is known for. The title track, “Small Town Family Dream” is almost the exact opposite of fellow Texas-country band the Casey Donahew Band’s “Double Wide Dream.” Both a great songs, but STFD is more of a white picket fence version, so sweet. I love it! As I believe this album will be a huge hit with Texans, I also believe it is a solid album that anyone can appreciate! Heck…I do and I’m from Oklahoma! Below is the track listing for the album and below that is the official music video for “Touch!” Small Town Family Dream Track Listing 1. Idalou 2. I’ll Sing About Mine 3. Touch 4. She Will Be Free 5. Hotty Toddy 6. FFA 7. Flatland Farmer 8. My Texas (feat. Pat Green) 9. Dallas Love 10. Hell’s Gates On Fire 11. Rain Finally Coming Down 12. Small Town Family Dream 13. Matagorda Bay

Josh Abbott Band Touch Video

The Music Video For Josh Abbott Band’s Latest Single, “Touch.” Josh Abbott Band’s “Touch” was released earlier this year with an abundance of fan and radio support. First of all, with Josh Abbott’s voice and Preston Wait’s fiddle skills, it is hard not to fall in love with anything they produce…this song is no different! However…the video is not what I expected. For some, it might pull on your heart strings, for others, you might leave it thinking “Huh?” Seeing as how I am such a nice girl, I won’t give the ending away. BUT, make sure you do yourself a favor and watch it now! How else will you find out what happens?! Be looking for “Touch,” along with their previous single with Pat Green, “My Texas,” on their upcoming album, Small Town Family Dream!

Josh Abbott Band Interview

Josh Abbott Band Comes To George’s Majestic Lounge In Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Josh Abbott Band headlined at George’s Majestic Lounge this past Saturday, August 27, where the Texas based band had the garden amped up for the first weekend of the college semester. I met up with the guys that afternoon for a short interview. Josh Abbott (vocals, acoustic guitar), Preston Wait (fiddle, electric guitar), Edward Villaneuva (drums), James Hertless (bass), and Caleb Keeter (electric guitar) all sat with me and graciously answered my questions. They told me how George’s was one of their favorite places to play outside of Texas and that this was their 6th time playing at the Dickson Street club. They have previously opened for the Randy Rogers Band and the Eli Young Band at the venue, both bands that JAB looks up to. Along with RRB and EYB, Wade Bowen is another veteran that they admire. Each has taught them different things, from business, to life on the road, to interacting with the fans. The guys all agreed that festivals with lots of bands are always fun because they feel more like family reunions. I asked each member what they would be doing if music hadn’t of worked out and each had very different answers. Preston would more than likely go into the family business of farming, James would work in computers or photography, Josh would finish grad school, Caleb might become a radiologist and Edward would be in law enforcement. Thankfully they are successful at what they do and proved that to Fayetteville Saturday night! The show went great! The college town was having a blast and singing along to every song. There were numerous “Hog Calls” which was a treat for guitarist Caleb, an Arkansas native. “Oh Tonight“, “She’s Like Texas“, “Good Night For Dancing“, “All Of A Sudden“, “If You’re Leaving (I’m Coming Too)”, “Miss You Again“, “I’ll Trust You“, and “Taste” were included in the set list. The last song of the night was their latest single “My Texas“. This song features another friend and leader of the Texas Music world, Pat Green. It’s kind of a late 90s, throwback, bucket list type of song. The guys said it is really awesome because fans will tell them what they have done and what they have left to do on the song’s checklist. “My Texas” will be on their upcoming album which is set to be released on February 14. Also on the album will be the sequel to their very talked about, racy “Taste“. The second part to the scandalous, yet passionate song is titled “Touch” and was written by Josh Abbott, Jay Clementi and Radney Foster and should be hitting radio towards the end of November or beginning of December. “We just like having fun with the fans.” These boys said it and they really do mean it! They have been known to buy a round for the bar, cheers to the fans, pass out free shirts or koozies, and Continue reading Josh Abbott Band Interview