Josh Turner Surprises Scotty McCreery

Josh Turner Stops By For Duet with Scotty McCreery.

Josh Turner paid a special visit to American Idol contestant Scotty McCreery during his finalist celebration. Taking place in McCreery’s hometown of Garner, N.C., this included a special concert in front of over 30,000 fans. McCreery’s “gold ticket” audition song which carried him through much of the American Idol competition was Josh Turner’s “Your Man“, and just as McCreery was beginning to perform the song for his fans, Josh Tuner appeared on stage very nearly giving McCreery a heart attack. Josh and Scotty then performed “Your Man” together on stage to the delight of all the fans present.

McCreery has received much attention throughout the competition, and honestly, his performances, at least as far as his stage presence is concerned, have improved. However, it remains that Scotty simply is not an original talent. He is a copy, either intentionally or by accident, of Josh Turner. The surprise visit by Josh was incredibly generous, and it is nice to see a country star put his weight behind a newcomer. Yet, it is painfully obvious just how similar Scotty’s voice is to Josh’s when you hear them sing together. It is actually difficult to tell that their are two people, not one, singing. Originality is important, and Scotty, up to this point, just has not proved he has it in him.

It seems America is a fan of Scotty McCreery, and that he will continue to have success on or off idol. I will probably just go straight to the source though, and stick with Josh Turner.

The episode of American Idol featuring footage of the duet will air Thursday, May 19th, and you can see what I mean then.

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