Kansas City Secret Santa Sets Example

One anonymous Kansas City Secret Santa gives out $40,000 to unsuspecting people in need.

One by one, shoppers in thrift stores, food pantries, and even folks living on the streets in Kansas City, Missouri have a reason to believe in Santa this Christmas. That’s because yesterday a man dressed as Santa himself made stops all over town in thrift stores, homeless shelters, and food pantries handing out $100 bills everywhere he went. This kind act of generosity is not a new one though. In fact, this so-far-unnamed man is taking over a tradition started by Kansas City’s original Secret Santa, Larry Stewart.

It is told that this year’s Secret Santa will hand out over $40,000 to unsuspecting people before Christmas arrives. Nobody knows where or when he will show up, and it’s probably best that they don’t. For more on the impact Secret Santa is making in Kansas City check out the full story from Associated Press.

On a personal note, please remember that even in these hard times, while you may have just enough to squeak by, or maybe a little more than you need, someone very close to you may be going without. Please approach the holidays with a generous heart and share what you can.Country Music Photo Gallery

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