Kelly Clarkson Gets Country with Shania Twain Cover

Kelly Clarkson Covers Shania Twain at Canadian Concert.

At a recent concert in Ontario, Canada Kelly Clarkson got a little country on stage with a fan requested Shania Twain song! The we-just-wish-she-would-give-us-a-full-country-album American Idol alum sang a perfect rendition of Shania’s now classic, “You’re Still The One“. There is quite a bit of twang going on in Ms. Clarkson’s accents in this video…really think she’d have a nice comfy home in country music (It’s not a stretch and you know it! Jason Aldean duet, anyone? Reba McEntire duet, hello?). Anyway, country or not, Kelly rocks it as usual. Check it out below!

Kelly Clarkson Sings Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One“.


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