Kelly Clarkson Moves to Nashville

Kelly Clarkson Embraces Her Inner-Country and Moves to Nashville!

In an exclusive interview with The Tennesseean, pop star and American Idol alumn, Kelly Clarkson shared the low-down on her recent move to Nashville, TN, and its got us hoping that Clarkson will be releasing some country music soon!

Now, we’ve all been thinking and drawing all kinds of conclusions as of late, and we country music fans kind of want Clarkson to just transition right on over to country music…for real. She has her amazing duet with Jason Aldean under her belt, she just earned a CMA nomination, and she’s practically a member of country music royalty (currently dating Reba McEntire’s stepson, Brandon Blackstock). So, clearly all roads point to a country music career, right? Kelly herself admits that life seems to be taking her that way, telling The Tennessean the following,

“…I think it’s just because, I don’t know, I do love pop music, but I think I have more of a Southern mentality. Even just emotionally, I’m more that girl. So I get along better with the Mirandas and the Blakes and the Jennifers and Rebas.” -Kelly Clarkson

We’re with ya Kelly, come on over!

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