Kenny Chesney Look A Like Removed From Concert

Kenny Chesney Fan and Possible Body Double Removed from Recent Concert In Nashville.

Over the weekend there was a bit of a misunderstanding at Kenny Chesney‘s Brothers of the Sun” Tour stop in Nashville. A fan, Nathan Blankenship, was accused of being a Chesney impersonator and causing a disruption among the fans. His ticket was confiscated and he was removed from LP Field.

Chesney’s social media managers released the following statement on Facebook this morning indicating that the Kenny team had nothing to do with Blankenship’s dismissal from the concert.

Kenny Chesney Facebook Press Release:

Pretty bizarre, right? Well, take a look at Nathan next to Kenny (photo courtesy Nashville Gab.

Kenny Chesney and Nathan Blankenship: See a resemblance?

Seems Odd To Me…

I suppose I can see why the venue managers could get upset…maybe. But the thing is LP Field is huge, how did they spot this guy in the first place? Also, aside from creating a riot, how much of a fuss could he have made? He looks a lot like Kenny Chesney, but not necessarily enough for fans to freak out to the point that they cause enough trouble and Blankenship would be forced to leave.

I’m glad to hear that someone is trying to fix this up with the fan, and that Chesney’s team is communicating with fans about it.

What do ya’ll think? Should he have been thrown out? Or is this just silliness?

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