Kenny Chesney Sun City Carnival Tour Review

Kenny Chesney Concert ReviewKenny Chesney played to a sold out arena Saturday night at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. The audience was mostly ladies, several decked out in cut off jean shorts and cowboy boots. Also noticeable were quite a few men who could easily be categorized as “Parrot Heads” aka Jimmy Buffett fans, who wore button down tropical shirts.

The crowd was explosive as Kenny made his entrance on a flying chair of sorts during the first song, “She Thinks My Tractor is Sexy.” He swung in just barely out of reach of the audience. After taking his place on the stage, the songs seemed to fly by. Kenny didn’t spend a much time between songs interacting with the audience which was a slight letdown. The energy of the show was great though and lasted throughout his entire performance, which ran a little less than two hours.

Highlights of the show included “Don’t Happen Twice,” “Beer in Mexico,” and “Back Where I Come From,” in which the large screen behind the stage featured several photographs of Missouri, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Kansas City Royals.

Backing Kenny was a large band which included a four-piece horn section. The music was a great mix of classic rock, country, and pop music. Kenny included quite a few covers in his set, ending the show with “Jack and Diane” prior to the encore. For the encore, Kenny sang “Don’t Blink” and then the band played “Carry on My Wayward Son” by Kansas while he signed autographs before exiting the stage.

Kenny Chesney Setlist:

She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy
Live Those Songs
Beer in Mexico
Keg in the Closet
Out Last Night
Big Star
No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems
I Go Back
Anything But Mine
Down The Road
Me and You
There Goes My Life
Living In Fast Forward
Never Wanted Nothing More
Back Where I Come From
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
When The Sun Goes Down
Don’t Happen Twice
Jack and Diane

Don’t Blink

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3 Replies to “Kenny Chesney Sun City Carnival Tour Review”

  1. Chesney is cool, but I want people to know about Ericson Holt, has a great original called Lonesone River … now THAT’S a song

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  3. I saw Kenny for at his last show of the Sun City Carnival tour in Indianapolis and to say the least I wasn’t impressed. The sound was poor and everything he said was extremely hard to understand. This is however the ongoing problem at Lucas Oil Stadium. This was by far the worst preformance I have ever seen Kenny preform half the song he sang were not even his.Sorry but I didn’t pay to see the Eagles or Steve Miller and who traded Uncle Cracker for the Rasta Reggie preformers. Kenny I think it’s definatly time for a break. Try to regroup and maybe we’ll see ya in Key West in 2010. Good Luck and if you come back to Indy try a different venue. Kenny YOU ROCK just not this time.