Oak Ridge Boys – Seven Nation Army?

The Oak Ridge Boys cover White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army”

The Oak Ridge Boys are coming out of quiet solitude with a surprising teaser. From the upcoming new album “The Boys Are Back” (May, 2009), the boys cover The White Stripes’ hit “Seven Nation Army”.I personally am not sure if this is dance/disco or if it’s more of a rock opera sound, but I do know it’s interesting to see that the boys can take on a tune like this and make it their own. I just don’t know how well it will be received by their core audience. Take a listen and weigh in your thoughts in the comments below.


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18 Replies to “Oak Ridge Boys – Seven Nation Army?”

  1. Wow! That is even better than the White Stripes version. How can you ever
    compete with Duane Allen vocals?

  2. I am an Oak Ridge core fan! I love their new single. Their whole CD is awesome!
    I am looking forward to seeing them do this in concert.

  3. The Oaks always know how to reinvent themselves! This cd is no different!
    CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I do not believe The Oak Ridge Boys can really put anything to music and not make it sound incredible; however, Seven Nation Army shows the elegance of thier talent, variety of the style, and The Oaks always find a way to top themselves and come out with an audience that is on fire for them and our Lord. GREAT JOB GUYS!!!!!

  5. I am a lifelong fan, and I love this new song!! For anyone that thinks this song is cool, go see a live show…Not only will you leave thinking that song was even more awesome in person, you will have 10 other songs in your head that you will just have to go out and get. Next thing you know, you too will be a lifelong fan!

  6. I’ve been an Oaks fan since I was a kid. And I think this song is very cool… In fact the whole new album is incredible!

  7. As a fan of the Oaks for many, many years, I must say I love the Oaks’ version of “Seven Nation Army” … their interpretation of the song is awesome…. I much prefer to hear them sing it over The White Stripes. The Oaks’ vocal range may surprise some, but I think they could probably sing the phone book and make it sound good…..These guys have the best vocals around!! The whole CD is outstanding.

  8. I’ve been an Oaks fan for almost 40 years. My comment on this song is this: Did the Oaks do it? Then it’s good!!! And with Duane doing the lead, how could it go wrong?
    Buy the CD and go out to the program and hear it live!!!!!!

  9. I was really surprised. This was not what I expected from The Oak Ridge Boys but it is terrific! I remember the White Sripes version of 7 Nation Army and I think one beats it hands down!

  10. As a “core” fan for many, many years…I absolutely LOVE the Boys doing 7NA! The audience reaction to this song live is amazing. The CD is beyond description. When I first heard it, I wondered how the Boys continue to top themselves. So proud to be an Oakaholic!! 🙂

  11. I have been a core fan for 25 years. The Boys are Back is an amazing cd! Every song is dripping with heartpounding vocals that cut right to the soul! As far as 7Nation Army, its brilliant! This song simply justifies why the Oak Ridge Boys are the most talented and exciting performers who ever walked onto a stage!

  12. The Oak Ridge Boys are the best act in country music…one of the best in music period..its a shame that Nashville in and of itself has given up on them seeing that their day is past.

    These guys are talented..continue to grow..any time they are in town everyone else should cancel their shows and go see how the best does it and continues to do it!!

    texarkana, arkansas

  13. 7 Nation Army is a haunting, lay awake at night can’t stop singing it song!! This song and the entire album should go to number one – it is that good.
    Go out and hear it live for a real treat in your life.
    The “BOYS ARE BACK” is only the name of the album – they have never been gone.

  14. A very dark song, perfect for lonely nights on the road. A different angle for the ORB and it works very well.